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"Crying over hnk"

Prns are he/they/it ⌗ 🇲🇽 # Eng/esp

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Bungou Stray Dogs 𖦹 Chainsaw man 𖦹 Fran Bow 𖦹 Sally Face 𖦹 Little Misfortune 𖦹 Punishing gray Raven 𖦹 Skullgirls 𖦹 Identity v 𖦹 Innocent 𖦹 Houseki no kuni 𖦹 Evangelion 𖦹 Owari no Seraph 𖦹 Madoka Magica 𖦹 Reverse 1999 𖦹 Junji Ito 𖦹 Little Nightmares 𖦹 Trinity Blood 𖦹 Black Butler 𖦹 Cry of fear 𖦹 Silent Hill 𖦹 Outlast 𖦹 Soul eater 𖦹 Visual kei 𖦹 Ouji/lolita fashion 𖦹 Harajuku fashion in general 𖦹 Poetry 𖦹 Horror 𖦹 Taxidermy 𖦹 Crystals 𖦹 True crime cases 𖦹 Vampires 𖦹 Zombies


˙♱ Goth bands (Coffin moth, Depeche mode, Twin tribes, Boy harsher, This cold night, She wants revenge, Type O Negative, London After Midnight, Christian Death, Specimen, Bauhaus, Lebanon Hanover, Horror Vacui, The cemetery girlz..)

˙♱ Visual Kei/j rock-metal (Malice mizer, Lyrica, Gulu gulu, Ashmaze, Mejibray, Dadaroma, NIGAI, BLOOD, BUCK-TICK, DIMLIM, XAAXAA, XANVALA, Kaya, JILUKA, Ms.EVA, mama., Diaura, Avilis, Jigsaw, RAYMEI, La'veil Mizeria..)

˙♱ Metal/rock (DarkThrone, Xasthur, Psychonaut 4, Forgotten Tomb, Happy Days, Sodom, Party Cannon, C.A.R.N.E, Marraneitors, Deftones, Korn, Autopsy, Acid Bath, Slayer, Bastardane, Gorgoroth, Gojira, Slaughter to Prevail, Sylosis, Morbid Angel, Death, Bathory, Nargaroth, Dark Funeral, Angelmaker, Child of Waste..)


𓉸 Mostly horror

𓉸 I LOVE found footage

𓉸 Tim Burton inspired movies

𓉸 Coraline, Corpse Bride, Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children, The nightmare before Christmas, The hills have eyes, VHS.. 


☠︎︎ Gravity Falls, The big bang theory, Steven Universe.. Does analog horror series count?


𓁹 Getting recently on gothic literature (Dracula, Carmilla, Frankenstein, etc.)

𓁹 Others which come from bsd mostly ngl (Fyodor Dostoevsky, Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft, Dazai Osamu, Franz Kafka, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, etc.) 


Don pollo & my cats 🔥

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About me:

𖤐˚︴I'm a minor and I go by he/they/ it!! Also a metalhead and goth

I'm mostly into bands and all, some animes & mangas too. Pretty inactive sometimes but I guess I'm chill most of the time

If anyone wanna be moots on TikTok: @regurgitado

Who I'd like to meet:

𖤐˚︴Almost everyone is welcome ofc!! But if you're a metalhead, goth or have the same interests as me, I'll be more than glad if you add me! 

Basic criteria, homophobic, racist, etc. Isn't welcome here so please abstain from trying to interact whit me

This also includes proshippers or any other type of problematic stuff

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