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i am currently into art and music, character design, MOGAI/LIOM, social justice, mental health and psychology, Ghost (the band), Splatoon (Marie is my qp wife /silly), Vocaloid and UTAU, Yakuza/Like A Dragon, FNaF, and more! also i LOVE clowns !!!! i wish to collect little clown dolls one day, but i can never find any in the nearby thrift shops and flea markets :[ I FOUND A LITTLE GLASS CLOWN FIGURINE AT A GOODWILL! REJOICE!

im a selfshipper, but i havent had a serious f/o in a while, since im choosing to prioritize my irl relationships

i used to be into other things that I am still fond of and interact with regularly, like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Homestuck, Marble Hornets, Serial Experiments Lain, Stardew Valley, TF2, Animal Crossing, Undertale and Deltarune, Faith: The Unholy Trinity, Demon Slayer, OFF, Omori, Psychonauts, Steven Universe, Eddsworld, Creepypasta, Death Note, Soul Eater, Danganronpa, Ranfren, Mob Psycho 100, Monster High and more!

i plan on getting into EverymanHYBRID and Dungeon Meshi

i generally dont interact with fandom a whole lot, but im definitely not averse to it.


honestly i suck at defining genres and am not sure what genres my favorite music even falls under. id call myself "polyjamorous" but every time ive said that, ive been met with groans :]c

currently, im the into femtanyl, Ghost, Mother Mother, Lemon Demon, Jack Stauber, Talking Heads, Rav, King Crimson, My Chemical Romance, Liana Flores, Bo Burnham, Tally Hall, ATARASHII GAKKO!, Gorillaz, System Of A Down, and Doja Cat

the songs ive got on repeat lately are POCKETS!, 1985, PUSH UR T3MPRR. Duvet, Mary on a Cross, Mummy Dust, Nocturnal Me, Rules, You Fuckers Were Asking for This One, Paint The Town Red, Harness Your Hopes - B-side, Sign, DINNER!, and Kill Bill

im also always listening to vocaloid or utau songs mixed in


i really like the first Scream movie, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Re-Animator (1985) and Bride of Re-Animator, Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Heathers, and The Outsiders.


i dont actually watch a lot of TV;;


nor do i really read, since i struggle with reading;;


im honestly afraid to have heroes - they always turn out to be secretly bad people :[

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About me:

20, host of an osdd-1a system w/ bpd, hpd, dpd, audhd, schizophrenia (↭). (i also have traits of npd, assumably due to comorbidity and such.) endo friendly. npd friendly (narc abuse is a pop psychology lie). a dog. our pfp is my art.

youll learn i kinda do fuck all, really. partially on account of the physical disability, but i also just so happen to be lazy on top of that.

yes i know some pictures are missing on my layout, including the entirety of the pictures i had raining down from my screen. ill get to them. day...

if youre under 16 im probs not gonna accept your frq or directly interact w you, its just a personal boundary thing, soz.

also if you have a lot of unreality or creepy imagery (face/body horror, uncanny valley, shock images, real gore, eye contact, etc), i also may not interact much if at all because it can easily trigger my psychosis (and other, lesser known, but just as unpleasant symptoms of my schizophrenia), especially when im unprepared. as you can imagine, psychosis, paranoia, and having my conscious mental functions essentially shut down isnt all that fun for me. if im interacting with you, youre most likely fine. (this also isnt personal, liking creepy things and unreality is morally neutral and im sure youre a great person! i just cant interact with that stuff too much for my own sake)

you do not have to curate your online presence for me, as it is my job to curate my personal internet experience, hence the block button 
please be niceys to me — i like to rant and talktalktalk, but i myself am niceys by default :]

if you want to learn more about me, whether it be for my stances and a byi (before you interact), or you just want to learn more, i suggest you read my pinned blog entry and/or check out my carrd (or you can ask me at some point)


other than that, my messages are open... but i am skittish, so im not likely to message first ><

(and tws for psychosis arent common very far off of tumblr anyways)

my pinned blog post:


my carrd:


im number one, youre number two – youve got a lot of gods work to do!



Who I'd like to meet:

when i was i child, i often stated that i had a goal to have 100 friends. so, perhaps, id like to meet friends!

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I LOVE UR PROFILE thanks for adding me !! (my profile looked smething like this too before i changed it it x)

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thankyyyy ^^ i e got this whole aesthetic im always going for so i will tweak any code i have to to get my desired effect !! but maybe a little more randal couldnt hurt :]c

by Starry622; ; Report

*ive TT

by Starry622; ; Report

cant wait to see how much more awsome ur profile can look !! >:)

by Wølf; ; Report


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Hey! Thanks for the request. You seem cool. :)

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np ! our interests are in the same ballpark, so i def think youre cool, too ^^

by Starry622; ; Report