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> nine inch nails
> literature
> philosophy
> archival
> music collection
> nothingness


> nine inch nails
> how to destroy angels
> skinny puppy
> kmfdm
> talking heads
> depeche mode
> oingo boingo
> simple minds
> the replacements
> queen
> david bowie
> type o negative
> tori amos
> bruce springsteen
> the white stripes
> metric
> gorillaz
> and so much more


reordering this to be my collection soon!

> nin - pretty hate machine [wife]
> nin - year zero
> literally every other nin release
> kmfdm - symbols
> ministry - with sympathy
> oingo boingo - dead man's party
> tori amos - little earthquakes
> david matthews - dune
> bruce springsteen - nebraska
> simple minds - once upon a time
> tori amos - little earthquakes
> talking heads - speaking in tongues
> type o negative - life is killing me


> true stories
> natural born killers
> heathers [1989]
> the breakfast club
> sixteen candles
> ghostbusters 1&2
> scott pilgrim vs. the world
> mystery men
> can't hardly wait
> american psycho
> ghost in the shell
> perfect blue


> serial experiments lain
> neon genesis evangelion
> puella magi madoka magica
> arrested development
> always sunny
> seinfeld


> s e hinton: the outsiders
> stephen king: the body
> that's literally it i hate being 15 and broke

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About me:

♫ pretty hate machine's wife 4 ever ♫ greetings! my name is charlotte! I'm a fifteen-year-old digital artist and an aspiring author and animator. I'm working on a super cool novel [multimedia??? hmmmm] series about a cursed town full of horrible people as they come to realize the world is fucked! check it out

i have an evergrowing record collection which currently consists of most of nine inch nails' early discography and some other stuff i forgot. :P nine inch nails is my favorite band and the muse for everything I'm currently creating. PRETTY HATE MACHINE IS MY WIFE!!!!! if you don't think so you're wrong.

I'm usually more desolate and have this hopeless tone in my works under my alias [cj sawyer] but I like to be silly here. this site is NOT run by a corporate overlord charging nine dollars for social verification i don't think i need to go >> BLAARGH BLAARGH THE WORLD IS SHIT RETURN TO NOTHINGNESS << here. i love you all

Who I'd like to meet:

pretty hate machine by nine inch nails i'd like to marry her
trent reznor because I need to marry his daughter pretty hate machine
kenny lawrence irl she's my other wife
perry morrison he is quite literally pretty hate machine irl

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tysm wifey 💜💜💜💜💜

by charlotte; ; Report

didnt see this until now but YOU'RE WELCONE !! ‼️

by kenny; ; Report


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late reply ;-;

by charlotte; ; Report

sarah ♡

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Filmhey is up!

i do hate to advertise anything on anyone's page, but i wanted to invite you to check out filmhey, a new movie-lovers/creators community group !!
of course there's no obligation to join if this isn't up your alley but if it is, we would love you have you!!

come check it out if you're interested!!

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(damon albarn voice) WOO-HOO

by charlotte; ; Report

sarah ♡

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thanks so much!!
i love yours!!

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by charlotte; ; Report