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"down in a hole (alice in chains)"

currently into drinking and staying employed

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Mood: drunk and talking about fallout as always

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currently playing: project zomboid & dark messiah (of might and magic of course) ‏‏|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| favs: tf2, fallout nv, prey (2017), l4d2, half life, psychonauts, dark souls and its ilk, bioshock, dishonored, terraria, katamari damacy :3 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| need to play: beginners guide, paratopic, portal, infra, beton brutal, WE LOVE KATAMARI REMASTER (but it's like $30 :[ )


LISTENING TO: Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins ‏‏‎|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| FAVS: the teeth, brave little abacus, pink floyd, camping in alaska, doddodo, parannoul, sparklehorse, sublime, yo la tengo, magnetic fields, beck, the strokes, radiohead, smashing pumpkins, duster, pilotredsky, helvetia, alice and chains (mainly the unplugged album), nirvana (mainly the unplugged album), jeff rosenstock, alex g, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, sidney gish, satanicpornocultshop, rage against the machine, and weird little birthday girl by happyness ‏‏‎||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| i like to play bass guitar, and electric guitar (acoustic too)


i've never seen a movie in my life ‏‏‎|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| top 10 movies 1. tf2 expiration date


good stuff: nirvanna the band the show, venture bros, how to with john wilson, community, flcl


good stuff: the namesake - jhumpa lahiri, if on a winters night a traveler - italo calvino, hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world - haruki murakami |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| JUST FINISHED INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE AND THE VAMPIRE LESTAT, loved them <3


my mom <3 your mom <3

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I am decaying rapidly under the intense ionizing radiation ://// 20|she/her|U.S.|EST FL|autoplay song is daydream by fishmans Animated Purple Gitter Skull

Who I'd like to meet:

looking for cool people, freaks, and something else entirely <3 ‎‎‏‏‎ ‎ if you like: -midwest emo (the good kind) -pink floyd (the good kind) -video games (the good ones) -books (mhm) -and fun art then add me!

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I never knew you liked psychonauts

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its just so cute

by stacey marsh; ; Report


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youre a badass pls lets share a cig super gayly:3

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whats your go-to cig?

by stacey marsh; ; Report

cowboy killlassssss. orange tips always

by briarroseblood; ; Report