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touhou project, littlest pet shop, 

sonic the hedgehog,FNAF, KKHTA,  

homestuck, witch's heart, okegom, 

cookie run kingdom,hello charlotte,

South Park, regretevator, bear star, 

Bloons td 6, sonic EXE, hellpark, 

roblox, popgoes, Fnac, higurashi, 

saya no uta, symphonic rain, 

brawl stars, animal crossing, 

skullgirls,spooky month, doki doki, 

murder drones, cuphead, FNAFHS, 

katawa shoujo, madness combat, baldi basics, 

Lps popular, minecraft, 

cookie run ovenbreak 

and even more


mindless self indulgence, ZUN, 

daft punk, femtanyl, food house, 

нервы, lemon demon, hot freaks, 

toy box, твоё нежное безумие, 

aphex twin, Alex g, Asteria, kikuo, 

Kets4eki, team o.b.n.n, Julien-k, 

ck9c, ghost and pals, tv girl, 

Runblebee, the romantics, Cg5,

Pendulum, JT machinima, Ado, 

DAGames, type o negative, IOSYS, 

Tyler the creator, tryhardninja, 

caravan palace, slipknot, tally hall 

perfume, skyfixing, grifflina, roar, 

sematary, Yoshimori Makoto, 

crystal castle, 6arely human, 

melanie martinez, the cardigans, 

the living tombstone, kairiki bear, 

creep-p, sohodolls, gigakoops, 

gorrilaz, basement jaxx, JT music,  

family force 5, mother mother, 

Nero's day at disneyland

and more 


idk honestly..


different cartoons


touhou project doujin, FNAF, sonic the hedgehog comics 


silver the hedgehog, springtrap, 

blaze the cat, Carl, enderman, 

funtime foxy, spring bonnie,

Gregoriah, Bennett, mangle, fred, 

espio the chameleon,Cindy the cat,

rockstar bear, mannequin mark, 

robo-fortune, plushtrap, MXES, 

shadow the hedgehog, mistltob 

nightmare bonnie, chrysalis,Shiver,

phantom freddy, tweek tweak, 

pip pirrip, kyle broflovski, Crow, 

yuyuko saigyouji, nue houjin, Lou, 

seija Kijin,, urumi ushizaki, Zizel, 

damien thorn,herb cookie, Sandy, 

lotus dragon cookie, Hank, Tokoyama, 

hydrangea cookie, Discord, Lola, 

Red velvet cookie, koishi komeji, 

Mavis dracula, Molten freddy, otis, 

Roxanne wolf, Crona, Unikitty, 

sap-fling, chomper, Fluttershy, 

Minuette, Raiko Horikawa, Pest, 

Flash Cousin, Rover, Metal sonic, 

renegade Knuckles, Ezily, Poco, 

rubberhose bear, Mugman, fang,

Darwin Watterson, Vampire cookie,

kogasa tatara, Donald duck, Lefty, 

Tricky the clown, withered bonnie, 

lolbit, ennard, momiji inubashiri,  

and more

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About me:

hello my name is Springy/Tosha.my pronouns are any but mostly into he/him.i am an artist and sort of the animator.i love collecting different stuff such as sitckers, littlest pet shop figures, FNAF figures, pins and sonic related merch! i also really obsessed with bats and they are my favorite animals.

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