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"raving abt arthur morgan!!!"

17 || it/its + neos!! || nonhuman entity x3

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CURRENTLY OBSESSED W/ ANNIHILATION AND TLOU x3 THE GROUP PODCAST AND THEIR VIDS!!11!!!!!!!!!!! fav things ever rn!!!! my favs r tnner larry and yumi :3 crit1kal is also a HUGE fav of mine tbh, plus wendigoon and the lorelodge r sum of my favs too :3 i also luv luv luv psychology, its literally my biggest spin EVER, ask me anything about psychology PLEASE PLEASE i specialise in mental illnesses/disorders and neurological disorders <3 IM A HOMESTUCKIE :< sorry 2 let u all down. i havent finished it yet btw!!! borderlands 2, specifically handsome jack, is a pretty big spin for me as well!!!! x3 BIG CREEPYPASTA ENJOYER!!!! been a fan since ive been like 8 lolz!!! i luv creepypasta so so so so much i am SO into it again rn (ive been in the fandom since 2014 okay) x333 I AM A HUGE COD FAN RN!!!!! pls play w me or talk cod w me plz im currently playing mw1 (2019) and ghosts :3 || TLoU is literally my fav DUDE its so cool im playing the second game rn :33


all time fav band is get scared tbh!!! -------- literally went thru a huge phase of "no its not cool to like sombre sad music" to only listening to that, to only liking emo music, to finally embracing the fact that im an emo theatre kid and ofc im gonna love a lot of shit lolz!! -------- literally in love with fob and get scared btw!!1 i know nothing abt them but i LOVE theur music -------- the song playing rn is moving by get scared!!


ANNIHILATION!!!!!!!! literally so good dude i could remble abt it forever | im currently going on a spree of watching movies similar to it, so im watching intersellar next :333


JUST WATCHED MASTERS OF HORROR ONLY FOR WARREN KOLE!!!!! his ep is so good tho i highly suggest it. i also rlly love law and order svu LMAO twd ofc is a fan fav!!! i love shows that have to do with big "what if" questions and have gore sadness and life threatening things in them :3 i luv dmcb, death parade, black butler, mirai nikki, and a bunch others xDD


okay yes im a huge all tomorrows fan WHAT ABOUT IT


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About me:

*currently obsessed w RDR2, Annihilation, TLoU, COD, creepypasta, and MH!!!!!* HIIIIIIIIIIII Im Tobi/Simon nice ta meet ya :3 im the main host/core of the Rotting Carcass collective :3 this will be used by everyone in the sys unless they make a side acc!! Im part of a system and am autistic, so tonetags r appreciated !! Im also an alterhuman/therian!!

Who I'd like to meet:

id like 2 meet the group ideally!!! id be 2 awk tho so maybe not :< also wanting new friends!!! x3

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ty for the add! i really like ur profile, its so cool!!!

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Thx 4 The Add!!!


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mak :>

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im OBSESSED with ur layout.

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THANK U!! its created by killingstrangers :33

by tobi/simon!! <3; ; Report

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Thank You For The Add! <3

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ty for the add :3!!

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silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add!! u seem so kewl omg im me if u get the chance!!

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recently got into them and im in luv!1!!

by tobi/simon!! <3; ; Report