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"Barely uses this site "

I'm home oh

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Mood: prolly sleeping or at school if offline. sometimes busy on disc

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β˜… i LOVE spooky month !!!!!!! ,Invader zim, Jake webber, johnnie guilbert, mlp, kitties, the amazing world of Gumball, Sam and Colby, Tara Yummii!, Nyan cat, Sally face, Hatsune Miku, Cry Of Fear, Gloomy Bear, Bendy And The Ink Machine β˜…


β˜… Korn - The Smiths - My Chemical Romance - Nirvana - Deftones - Type O Negative - Alex G - TV Girl - Vacations - Mitski - Current Joys - Beach House - Slipknot - Radiohead - Grimes - Tyler The Creator - Duster - She Wants Revenge - 6arelyhuman - Pierce The Veil - Kittie - The Cure - Melanie Martinez - Odetari - Johnnie Guilbert - Jake Webber - Jack Stauber - Mac DeMarco - Tila Tsoli - Weezer - H3artcrush - Insane Clown Posse - That Handsome Devil - Rebzyyx - Current Joys - Kikuo - Lemon Demon - Green Day - Pierce The Veil - Jazmin Bean - Basement - McCafferty - gavin m - Rammstein - Roar - Metallica - Foo Fighters - Big Thief - The B-52's - The Smashing Pumpkins - System Of A Down - The Misfits - Tame Impala - Queen - Goreshit - Cigarettes After Sex - Mother Mother - Doja Cat - Tally Hall - The Living Tombstone - Penelope Scott - Ayesha Erotica β˜…


β˜… Mean Girls 1//2 - K-12 - Coraline - IT - Scott Pilgrim VS The World β˜…


β˜… South Park - Sanrio - Habzin Hotel - Poppee The Preformer - Stranger Things -Scott Pilgrim Takes Off - Invader Zim - Object Shows β˜…


β˜… Twilight - Hellpark - Homestuck β˜…


β˜… music (super Craig) β˜…

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} cough cough, i'm trans,I go by Milo !! I have a bf (Kaden<3) pretty much a huge fan of space ask me abt it!! i guess i have a pretty cool bed cause it's space, i love goinf to the mall, im free to make friends and feel free to dm me for my discord or tt. if you dont have any1 to play rblx w/ im here unless im busy because i exist, i got a pretty cool moon lamp and a tiny bouquet on my shelf (yes i have a shelf)pretty much this pfp is as a craig shrine and to make friends Xq i love seals and guinea pigs. i have a astronaut cat, a alien from ikea, and a star pillow. i pretty much have a fluffy bed and im free open for friends because i need more buddies !?!?!? please dm me im begging you just literally talk to me when your bored i actually have nothing interesting in my life all i do in my life is just sleep sometimes online in like, class??? sometimes I'm allowed to use it cause lap top :3!!

Who I'd like to meet:

depends if we talk or not.

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β˜… Nutivert

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HOLY SHIT LEMON DEMON MUSIC.... GUHUFHDHHFEH im so autistic about lemon demon wtf...

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