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"cannibalizing "

18, he/him, sys

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animals, spiderman, deadpool, jerma985, painting, drawing, furries, hazbin hotel, religion, paganism, cryptidcore, internet stories, args, the forest, therianthropy, mw ('22 & '23). idk cannibalism is cool too (JOKE !!!)


indie, punk, folk. honestly any music under a punk subgenre really. i listen to most things. i love music pls send me music reccs


itsv, atsv, deadpool, the amazing spider-man, hell house llc, paranormal activity, coraline, scooby-doo LOL


hazbin hotel, midnight mass, thriller, the ultimate spider-man, house md, stranger things


just fanfics.


absolutely spiderman.


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About me:

he / him!

i'm part of a system :> 

gay, ftm, therian and a furry LOL

leftist (punk)

disc: souperstition

BYF; we are a system (i'm the host lol), i might mention religion a bit (despite not being christian), i had a twt phase in 2021 and i havent been normal since.

Who I'd like to meet:


people who are cool. other systems hmu too :3

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Duuude love the profile!! It's awesome to meet another system on here!! ^^

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love your profile and layout!

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thanks! i love urs too

by aiden; ; Report


by Lawrence; ; Report

~The Jon~ (⚙your local crazy system⚙)

~The Jon~ (⚙your local cr...'s profile picture

//omg a fellow therian!!! nice to meet u, i love ur profile!!!

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OMG !! this makes us the coolest people on the site ;3 i love ur profile too !!' it's so cute

by aiden; ; Report

thankss!!!! :D we are da coolest! >:3

by ~The Jon~ (⚙your local crazy system⚙); ; Report


Wubz̸̧̙̦͕̠̩̳̱͚̠̗̫̀̈́̿̄͌͂̅̾...'s profile picture

You have a cool profile!

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thank you !

by aiden; ; Report

Suguru - Geto

Suguru - Geto's profile picture

heyooo! X] i absolutely love your profile! it's so silly/Pos and im so happy to have another system friend XD

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OMG!!! THANK U !! i love ur profile too :> it's so goofy silly ehe

by aiden; ; Report

thank you X} i've just started using this site and i'm actually really happy i [hopefully] made a friend this quickly [sorry if this starts to get annoying btw!]

by Suguru - Geto; ; Report

ur all good dw :>
LOL i totally feel u!! i would absolutely love to be friends!! i'm routing for u on ur friend journey also ehe >:3

by aiden; ; Report

thank you for you rooting for me :D [try saying that 5x fast]
and heck yeah! again i am gonna apologize if the replies get annoying i just genuinely wanna talk 2 some1 rn and so far you're pretty fun to talk to

by Suguru - Geto; ; Report


golgothasTerror's profile picture

Woah I've never met a therian before,,

What's it like??

If that's not a rude question,,

Sorry if it is,,

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its not rude dw :)
being a therian is different for everyone obvi;; but for me it's kinda like having a huge connection to an animal and somethin just clicks and i go "yup that's me" ><
there more too it but i think that's the best way to sum it up lol !
it's pretty chill tbh !!!

by aiden; ; Report

Oh okay!!

That's interesting,,

by golgothasTerror; ; Report