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club penguin enthusiast - she/any (includes neos) - 17 - est

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art/drawing β˜… bnha β˜… fnaf β˜… sonic β˜… jerma985 β˜… spider-man β˜… mortal kombat β˜… sam and max β˜… ena β˜… danganronpa β˜… welcome home β˜… spongebob β˜… video game consoles β˜… video game piracy software β˜… club penguin β˜… animatronics β˜… mario β˜… monster high β˜… voltron: legendary defender β˜… animal crossing β˜… omori β˜… your turn to die β˜… chainsaw man β˜… insects β˜… other stuff i probably forgot rip


mcr β˜… mustard service β˜… bauhaus β˜… siouxsie and the banshees β˜… clan of xymox β˜… mitski β˜… queen β˜… radiohead β˜… soad β˜… sonic osts β˜… tyler the creator β˜… sisters of mercy β˜… joy division β˜… depeche mode β˜… paramore β˜… pierce the veil


FNAF MOVIEEE β˜… into/across the spiderverse β˜… end of evangelion β˜… sonic 1 β˜… sonic 2 β˜… the spongebob movie β˜… ponyo β˜… perfect blue


bnha β˜… tmnt (2003, 2012, 2018) β˜… jojo's bizarre adventure β˜… sonic prime β˜… chainsaw man β˜… sonic x β˜… sonic underground β˜… animaniacs β˜… good omens β˜… my little pony β˜… others that i probably missed rip


ill read anything relating to criminal law and criminal psychology tbh


shadow the hedgehog woo yeah. and MAYBE spider-man noir. and ochaco uraraka haha

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About me:

im sol, a fool who likes to draw teehee. my interests are constantly shifting but my three longest/biggest ones r sonic, bnha, spider-man and club penguin!!! theyre my special interests

i come online really late at night usually, but i try to interact where i can. im very socially anxious tho

the song you are hearing is my way home is through you by my chemical romance !!!

Who I'd like to meet:

idc who adds me really, tho it'd be cool to meet anyone who likes sonic, mortal kombat, or really anything italicized especially. tho pls know that if you're like 13-14 i wont interact with u on a private level (the only exception to that is if it's over something important, probably).

i don't really have a dni list or anything like that, if i don't vibe with you i'll simply decline (or in rare instances block) lmao

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artist and oc haver here, im working on a graphic novel!!

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a graphic novel?? omg thats so cool :0

by sol πŸ’₯; ; Report

(autoplay)Forest of Ages Collective

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love the autoplay song, and the layout is so swag :3

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We have the same name fhats so cool !!!

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YOUR PROFILE IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE YOUR PFP! Ochako is one of my favorite characters :)

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Ty for the add! You've got a really cute layout!! ^_^

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a bnha fan on space hey no way...

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by sol πŸ’₯; ; Report


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H3LL00!! TY F0R 4DD1NG M3!! W3 H4V3 S0 MUCH 1N C0MM0N, 1 H0P3 W3 C4N B3 FR13NDZ 4ND D0 A ART C0LL4B 0N3 D4Y 4ND R4NT 4BT 0UR 1NTR3ST!! >3<

B0nuz: 1 4ls0 rlly l0v3 ur l4y0ut 1ts s0 c00l!!

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thank u for accepting the add! i LUV your layout!! we share so many interests :3

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ALSO have u ever used quotev??1? i totally might b wrong but i swear i recognize u from there

by nickel; ; Report

YEAH I DID i think i remember interacting with you a few times??

by sol πŸ’₯; ; Report

SAME omg?!! this is so crazy, i never expected to see any of my q moots here LOLZ

by nickel; ; Report