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"responding to IMs + comments soon!!! you guys are too nice!!"

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159 days 🎄🦌❄️🎁


ballet, cats, pixel art, video games, snow, winter, christmas lights, ice skating, baking, reading, hot chocolate, iced coffee, christmas, monster movies, decorating gingerbread houses, virtual pets


dragon blazers I, II, and III, cat petterz 2, undertale, deltarune, minecraft, roblox, stardew valley, terraria, starbound, fnaf, mario kart, little big planet, paper mario, plants vs zombies, kirby's epic yarn


toby fox, christmas music(!!!), lana del rey, marina, girl in red, dodie, lemon demon, conan gray, lady gaga, melanie martinez, porter robinson


steven universe, star vs the forces of evil, she-ra and the princesses of power, the owl house, amphibia, over the garden wall, infinity train, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, gravity falls, stranger things, avatar: the last airbender, bee and puppycat


jurassic park, fnaf, spiderverse, mean girls, legally blonde, howl's moving castle, some horror movies, and any & all christmas movies!!!!!

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🎄 — hii, welcome to my page! my name is sky (or noelle) and i am the #1 noelle holiday kinnie ever!!!! i'm a ballerina and pixel artist and i REALLY like deltarune and undertale. please send me a friend request i love meeting new people!!! [[Not A Friend Collector]]

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❦ Maria ❦

❦ Maria ❦'s profile picture

ty for accepting my friend request, i also like deltarune and undertale!! your page is awesome

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AWHH thank you so much!!
i was just looking at your account too, i thought you look like such a sweet person !!

thank you for the add <3

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


little_octant's profile picture

Your page looks awesome!!!️It feels just like actual winter, I forgot about summer for a moment...

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AWH THANK YOU!!! :0 i appreciate that sm. you're so sweet!!!!!! and thanks for the add!!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


Allister's profile picture

Lemon Demon, OTGW and Gravity Falls was my life when I was 14-15 omg this is taking me back

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YYKFWICWI SAME except i haven't changed much since i was 15. i have only added things to my life 🙏

thanks for the add <3

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

Np and you too!! I def evolve, but I don't stop liking most things I used to be really into. Sometimes I revisit fir the nostalgia

by Allister; ; Report


ZorskiE's profile picture

Omg Noelle you have 151 friends you caught them all !!!!! :DDD /SILLY /LH

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by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


z0mbi3_L1LY's profile picture

What Noelle Holiday on hey space confirm :0
Oh and I love the account. It's so cool :]

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YES CONFIRMED!!!!!! (she's so me it hurts)
and thank you so much <3 i like yours as well!!!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


M4GG0TRY3o9xX's profile picture

omg this profile is actually really cool :0

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AWHH thank you so so much ️💚🤍️💚🤍 i appreciate hearing that so much, i worked really hard on it LOL
the only thing i didn't make was the falling snowflakes animation, that's a layout someone else made
thanks for your comment, and for the friend request ️💚🤍

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

oh!! and the heart outlines on my friends' pfps!!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


Cupid/Delaney's profile picture

Omg I'm also Noelle fr (delusional attachment):3

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OMG TWINS :0000!!!!!! LET'S GOOO

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


by Cupid/Delaney; ; Report

wait i just finished reading your carrd whats a delusional attachment :0

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

It's like when you've convinced you're a character in the genuinely medically delusional psychosis way

by Cupid/Delaney; ; Report

ooh okay :0 thanks for informing me!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

No problem at all :03

by Cupid/Delaney; ; Report


HyperCake69's profile picture

i can't believe noelle holiday deltarune is a real person

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by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


Laphne's profile picture


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AUGGHG THANK YOU SO MUCH !! you seem so sweet!!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

You aswell!! np thank!!

by Laphne; ; Report


ARIZ's profile picture

noelle deltarune, in MY space? it's more likely than you think!
(page is cool as hell btw)

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thank you so much!! and ty for the add ️💚
i just checked your page out too you look cool as heck

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


Teddy 's profile picture

YOOO ur page is so cool!!! I love the concept of using this thing as a diary, I might snag that,,, :3 Also I LOVE!!! suselle!!! Im so susie deltarune.... Oaky bye!!

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AWHASDFJKL THANK YOU SO MUCH !! you are so sweet!! your page is so adorable too i love the teddy bear theme. FEEL FREE TO SNAG THE IDEA i have always wanted a little public diary and idk it's so fun

YESS SUSELLE ON TOP !!!!!! im literally noelle deltarune TOO

man its so nice to find people who UNDERSTAND you.... thanks for commenting and for the add <3

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


Dess!!'s profile picture

ur profile is SO cute!!!

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OMGGG THANK YOU SO MUCH I WORKED SO HARD ON IT :0 i love the colors on yours too!!!!
ty for the add too !!!!!!!

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


-Xardis-'s profile picture

Your layout is very nice!!

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YAYAAY THANK YOU SO MUCH <333 i am so proud of it lol i think its ADORABLE

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report


pyrope's profile picture

luv ur layout :D :D :D !!!!!

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OMG THANK U SO MUCH.. i based it off of this website from the spamton sweepstakes

i love yours too i feel like i stepped into a retro arcade

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

(hehe i know Xd) u did a supr good job emul8in it !!!! & ty so so sooooooo much !!!!!! ^-^

by pyrope; ; Report

OH OMG i should have read your profile more closely

THANK UU i am so proud of it even if its a wip

by holidaygirl1225; ; Report

no worries lol XD & ofc !!!! ^v^

by pyrope; ; Report