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"at a party 💯💯💯"

14, bisexual, #1 skinny jean wearer. Layout created by ✭ Fren-z ✭

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listening 2 emo muzik iz my only personality trait. also i have 2 pet ratz named toby and bandit!! 5blobhardcore.gif HTML tutorial


my chemical romance •peirce the veil •fallout boy• panic! at the disco (before Ryan Ross left) •paramore• waterparkx• twenty øne piløts •falling in reverse •the young veins• millionaires •brokencyde•i set my friends on fire• dot dot curve• never shout never• seeyouspacecowboy• sleeping with sirens•the story so far• escapethefate• ls dunes• the used•alesana, chiodos, snow whites poison bite, a skylit drive, say anything, blink182, she wants revenge, attack attack, dropdeadgorgeous, before today, jeffree star, leathermouth, hollywood undead, idkhow, the aquabats, electric century, vantavoid,circa survive, hawthorne heights, secondhand serenade, dotdotcurve, angelmaker, bringmethehorizon, modern baseball, saosin, evanescance, the films, the static jacks, arma angelus, wristmeetrazor, alesana, chiodos, and a million more :p


i dont watch alotta moviez but i liek ghibli and scott pilgrim vs the world


CARTOONS R MY FAV XD spongebob, Rick and Morty, ruby gloom, Powerpuff girls, amazing world of gumball, gravity falls I also watch alotta YouTube like: Dan and Phil MDE Johnnie Guilbert PewDiePie crankthatfrank


the milk fic..... :/ I also rlly like diary of a wimpy kid also unholyverse. i mostly just browse thru webcomics i dont rly do alot of real reading... unless pete wentz's old livejournal entries count


Gerard Way Rocking' Your Kigurumi With Style: Gerard Way Once Again tumblr-1a7bf5b2778de15b29fb9e3cd7ea6162-47bc77f2-250 asdfmovie

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About me:

haii! im monica :0 I'm from da Midwest and i LOVE music, cartoons, poetry, energy drinks, boybands, watching youtube, and playing video gamezz. some of the links on my profile r broken rn but i promise ill fix them later... also I accidentally deleted all my blinkiez earlier and I tried to put them back but now I'm missing some and they're all out of order :( also if yk me irl GET THE FUHK OUT OF HERE WHAT R U DOING

GIF Evanescense Panic! At The Disco Garfield love @ssh0l3 Boys are stuipid! HTML tutorial description TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE

Who I'd like to meet:

id like to meet god. anywayz check out these kewl songzz XD

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thank youzzzzzz XD
i adore ur pfp btw i am so in love with that man

by m0n1c4; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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awesome page!

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by m0n1c4; ; Report

AHHHH i just checked out ur page and ur so kewl i fuhking love american rock band my chemical romance

by m0n1c4; ; Report

yes american rock band my chemical romance is the best!!

by ✮𝚜𝚎𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚠𝟶𝚕𝚏; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!

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thx 4 accepting <3

by m0n1c4; ; Report

♱ 𝔞𝔢𝔫𝔞𝔢𝔞𝔰 ♱

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bro your page is literally the coolest

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aww thx XD urs is super kewl too :)

by m0n1c4; ; Report

Pearli X3333

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thx 4 accepting lolz <33

by m0n1c4; ; Report


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DUDE!! i think u followed meh on spotify!! ur so kewl aa

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