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"killing horny teenagers"

16 years old, korean, raging homo, insane scream fan

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i love general horror, gorey shows/movies, kitty cats being silly, age regression (sfw only), furries, goth fashion/music, old web, hello kitty, vhs tapes, creepy cute stuff, nerds, 80s movies, 80s jocks, shopping


my music taste is all over the place .. the genre i listen to most is goth rock, alternative rock, pop punk, and kpop. my most listened to artists/bands are sohodolls, my chemical romance, ive, twice, nmixx, the cramps, tv girl, siouxsie, the cure, lebanon driver, bauhaus, mitski, radiohead, nirvana, metallica, guns n roses, will wood, lemon demon, the cardigans, deftones


aaa i LOVE LOVE horror movies so much !! my favorite horror movies are scream, nightmare on elm street, pearl, saw, x, halloween, and friday the 13th !!1


i don't watch television, so i'll use this space as my byi! byi: i'm autistic, i use xeno/neopronouns, i'm gay & ftm, i have a boyfriend, i talk about scream and my scream au ALLL the time, i'm quite the silly guy, i have strong opinions, i'm chubby


i don't read much books, so i'll use this space as my dni! dni: basic dni, fatphobes, people who make fat jokes, ableists, cat haters, anti derek feldman/randy meeks/roman bridger, cat haters, scream haters, drama starters, childish/immature people


aka my boyfriends lawlz derek feldman (scream 2), steven orth (scream), glen lantz (nightmare on elm street), howard (pearl & x), roman bridger (scream 3), randy meeks (scream & scream 2), adam stanheight (saw), lawrence gordon (saw)

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About me:

16 year old korean boy obsessed with horror movies (specifically scream). first language isn't english ... grammar is for NERDS !! i'm a trad goth irl, i love all things.. scary, cute, creepy, weird, whatever ! i have autism if you couldn't tell :'D my favorite scream characters are derek feldman, randy meeks, and roman bridger ^_^

Who I'd like to meet:

SCREAM FANS !! oh my god please scream fans friend me i will always accept. if you have a profile that's cool (basically every profile is cool too me ...) then also add me !! i love making friends, don't be scared to add a comment on my profile. i love you all MWAH

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OMG HII!!! scream is my favorite horror series as well!! ^^

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luca ✩

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hello elliot welliot itsa me a mario

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gay people on my page

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wow i see how it is

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