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"probably dying (I got the flu)"

15, Canadian, tänzelcore over all else

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history, especially art history and Slavic history. | music, obviously. | centricide | hylics | boisvert | metalocalypse | madcom | botw | anything by matt stone and trey parker | sci fi | computers | vinesauce | valve | homestuck | cod | vintage restoration | expressionist art and a lot more, just ask if you wanna know :4


black metal, dungeon synth, keller synth, doom metal, also some tekkno (large genre I know, i mostly like jumpstyle/hardstyle, tanzelcore, old-school etc) if you want band name specifics, you gotta know me. (I am a professional gatekeeper, sorry.) I also quite like postpunk/goth music, breakcore and some grindcore (this encompasses all the grind- subgenres, btw. im not picky.) I also have a soft spot for a lot of 80s music, newwave stuff I guess :4


Elvira, everything everywhere all at once, Batman (2022), little miss sunshine, the breakfast club plus alot more im blanking on. you could just put on a 5 hour compilation of shitty 1950s scifi and id be glued to the screen.


gotham | shameless | southpark


iont read much, but i quite like george orwells works.


andreas bettinger

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About me:

deko/randal. | she/he, i don't really care for labels | i like music, alot | wizard probably | native american. | cat person | Tradgoth and Black metaller. | taken since jan9th2022 | contact @ ttwinfantasy on disc

Who I'd like to meet:

goths, punks, metalheads, artists etc. i especially like black metal and doom metal, so fans of those genres are encouraged to interact with me aswell.

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β™± - vei

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love your profile! gatekeeping is valid ngl

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π”žπ”©π”¦ β™±

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you're so cool istg

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thank you!!!

by melsegirl; ; Report

β™±π•―π–†π–—π–π–‹π–—π–”π–˜π–™ π–™π–π–Š π–˜π–œπ–”π–—π–‰π–˜π–’π–†π–“β™±

β™±π•―π–†π–—π–π–‹π–—π–”π–˜π–™ π–™π–π–Š π–˜π–œπ–”π–—π–‰π–˜π–’π–†π–“β™±'s profile picture

Ty for the add i love your layout!

Also tysm for gatekeeping some bands, mad respect for you πŸ‘

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ty!!! gatekeeping vry based

by melsegirl; ; Report

REAL i hate how alot of bsod projects were introduced to the wrong audience :( I wish it remained underground

by melsegirl; ; Report


Honestly, I fucking respect B.s.o.d sm dude. His music is absolutly amazing and hes probably one of my favorite bm producers out there. I rrally like a lot of his projects and honestly hes kinda an insperation for me.

And then tictok found out abt his shit and only listened to krΓ€tze and honestly treated him as a joke tbh.
I wish that his stuff didnt get to tictok. If it didnt, he would still be making music and such.
I just think the whole tictok thing was disrespectful to Andreas. Also RIP Melse.

by β™±π•―π–†π–—π–π–‹π–—π–”π–˜π–™ π–™π–π–Š π–˜π–œπ–”π–—π–‰π–˜π–’π–†π–“β™±; ; Report


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Thanks for the add, love the layout

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