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"silly boi XD but in přīđę form (gay)"

14:3 he/they/her, pls check my bio b4 adding me XP

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ROBLOX FOR LIFE!!! MY USER:1hate_yourshoes pls add meee I don't play a LOT like I use 2 but I'd love ppl 2 play sum with, like pick a side, murder mystery etc. I have vc but I so NOT use it, if u have it, I always have my sound on so I can here u X3 but ill txt back, mostly sloppy txts-

Fnaf, music, dsaf, a little of bfdi and homestuck. Dhmis, hazbin hotel, helluva boss, gravity falls :3 stars VS. The forces of evil<3,  spooky month frr<333 HAPPY TREE FRIENDS AND PRETTY BLOOD!! (pretty blood is a yt show- very gorey and not nearly as happy as happy tree friends.)


I likes rock/punk rock/pop rock. Green day, blink 182, Cavetown, TV girl, Penelope scott, enimem and some country and some vocoloid (I think that's how it's spelled) is her name, idk she made the song liquid smooth, and uh me and my husband. Idfk her name-


Uh horrors >:3 very spooky 


Mlp, monster High, carebears, strawberry shortcake...errrrrmmmm..gravity falls, star versus the forces of evil, Steven universe that's alll <33


Eeerrrrmmmm....books?..literally I don't read, I can..but nah. If I did...horror or stuff abt stalkers and mysteries/murder


Idek bro wut dis mean. Lmao- but irl, my  cat X3

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About me:

Hai:D im 14, mega coolio. I read numbers wrong A lot-  I do have New Mexico time,  I AM NOT MEXICAN THOUGH! I'm pretty white- X3                                                                                                   FUN FACTS

I have daddy issues. Well i sometimes talk to older guys for attention /p, I'm a genderfluid, pansexual who is asexualll :3 I lean towards a more masculine gender also plsss IM me, am loner, i might not answer immediately if u do. But i will eventually<3 i don't bite i promise (unless asked;3 ) XD I'm kinda like a yandere but not the uwu yandere Sim kind, the one that if I talk 2 u a lot I will get attached and constantly wait til ur online so I can talk 2 u. Then think abt u later :3 I do not pressure anything though, if I get attached I won't like pull out a ring over txt XD but I loveeee 2 listen more than talk myself-


 i go to church on tuesday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings and evenings but im obviously not heavily religious or whatever (idk how 2 spell-) i ngl am not scene irl due to strict guardians but i love the style and art. I have adhd and sometimes am mean without noticing, so if i say something mean or hurtful to you pls lemme know, ill Apologize and try not to do it again :D

Who I'd like to meet:

Coolio people preferably w/ the same interests who speak English enough :D cuz I only speak English:,) omggg I srsly want a emo BFF X3 to match my scene energy XD

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Ty 4 the add !! U seem awesome :D

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🍡sug@rk1tty🍰 (a homosexual)

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you are the silliest silly in the history of sillies

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