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ic cx00_5 ♡♡ org yuri, pt gc, + ruby

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horror rpgs, zomb coms (or js zombie movies), monster movies, fps games, animanga, writing (ocs or essays), vkei, studio ghibli, breakcore, metal, bl/gl, mxtx novels, rarepairs, danmei & baihe, wes anderson media


bsd, hgsn, hxh, wha, naruto, jjk, iruma, cnw, saiki k, dorohedoro, lain, dn, tye, doukyuusei, csm, nge, goodnight punpun, rgu, pmmm, wakfu, inuyasha, gbye eri, ranma, mashle, +


ponytown, revue, wh, yttd, hc, ff, fatal frame, silent hill, re, halo, fallout, pgr, d4dj, mazu games, mc, mg, cxm, kh, persona, gow, project moon, zelda, roblox, bloodborne, monster hunter, red dead, lethal company, ultrakill, spiritfarer, twewy, dst, yuppie psycho, r1999, tlou, yakuza, corpse party, dmmd, slow dmg, +


pkmn, saw, vocaloid, loki, dr strange, eeao, godzilla, hell house, httyd, dr who, american psycho, john wick, spongebob, awog, lotr, markiplier, cxk, 8bitryan, mlp, moistcrit, kill bill, atla, planet of the apes, inception, deadpool +


kaya, kmfdm, ptv, murderdolls, avenged sevenfold, kittie, rory in the, early 20s, yakui the maid, dadaroma, flyleaf, garbage, no doubt, fiona apple, poe, chief keef, cannibal corpse, bladee, korn, radiohead, s3rl, sylendanna, the strokes, nastyona, crywank, hole, weird al, genitorturers, src, & others I LOVE MUSIC


orv, 2ha, litc, mdzs, svss, wc, herbicidall, cherry crush, jwqs, six of crows, the metamorphosis, no longer human, & others

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About me:

mikaela/yeva.. it she him (not in order of pref). true #Gurocel i do NOT play.. ask me to watc h smth w u and i will jump with joy (like roblox).

Who I'd like to meet:

if we share interests hmu, i luv making new friends. no dni either idgaf @_@ js have morals plz

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☆ jas 🍉

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i love your profile ^_^

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the coolest ever

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Thank u SMMM picks u up and swings u around

by ^,..,^; ; Report

WAAAIT OH MY GOSH YOU LIKE DMMD, SLOW DMG AND MOISTCRIT? we gotta be bestfriends now omg

by Lukas; ; Report

oh my gawd Yes we should :heart:

by ^,..,^; ; Report

ayesha joints

ayesha joints's profile picture

Thanks for the request! Love the profile!

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AHHH THANK UUU and yww... i love ur layout

by ^,..,^; ; Report

matt 🫁

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OOMFIE! how did you add the games and lit and whatever section in your bio...... help a friend out 🌹

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omg im so sorry oomfie i didnt see this hold on....

by ^,..,^; ; Report


Null's profile picture

hgsn fan… sooo peak…

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RIGHTTTT. fistbump

by ^,..,^; ; Report

YIPPEE! wishing i could put one of those stupid blue emojis rn 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊

by Null; ; Report

hamburg (randal)

hamburg (randal)'s profile picture

bro i forgot i had u friended anyway ur hella cool *steals all ur stamps*

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WTF ur awesome as hell too gang. take as many as u want I loovee stamps ♡♡♡

by ^,..,^; ; Report

stamps > blinkies

by hamburg (randal); ; Report

some blinkies are so obnoxious ur right. i never find any good ones either Stamps and buttons r better

by ^,..,^; ; Report


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You have a cool page!

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THANK UUU !!!!!!!

by ^,..,^; ; Report


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Yoooo I love your Parappa and This Day Aria stamps!!!

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by ^,..,^; ; Report