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"currently attempting to skank"

6teen, Aquacadet #2000881 :-D

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I like drawing and listening to music, I've been obsessed with aeronautical/space enginneering for like, ever. I love cars and taking care of my own classic (1972 Plymouth Fury III), and recently I've been pretty into Homestar Runner. e033d9d377733740a79c73896277653fd31216f2 591f302cb398c838c5205dff0b86bd9f0b7b08ad logo-final-main e016b25670512ff1e038f86956a586bd5e458a3b Because-Its-Midnite


Rush, They Might Be Giants, Megadeth,The Aquabats!,Boston, Led Zep, The Cranberries, Sloshy, Strong Bad, Dethklok, The Doors, Daft Punk, The Who, Styx, Joe Satriani, The Kinks, Of Montreal, Weird Al, Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, Dragonforce, Less Than Jake IMG-9900 limozeen sloshy


Literally anything MST3K, Transformers The Movie (1986), The Muppet Movie (1979), Herbie the Love Bug, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Repo Man the Genetic Opera (2008), Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, Lethal Weapon 2, Metalocaylpse: Doomstar Requiem, I dont know man just put me in front of a TV with anything playing on it. 8af999a01b53186dc3aea87283bf8cc85e08cd00


Metalocaylpse, ATHF, Darkwing Duck, Star Trek (TOS), Transformers (G1), Talespin, Monty Python, MST3K 471128q1glo0oy3g 1562947rr1hohjlry deathclock-toki


Anything of the cool-fire-explosions-guns-action-hot-ladies comic variety. guitarbig


Jim Henson, Matt Chapman, Brendon Small, Leonard Nimoy, Christian Jacobs, and my cat(s)


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About me:

homestar characters-group My name is Graham and if I got a penny every single time someone immediately referred to me as graham cracker I would have enough money to change my fucking name thecheat homestar strongbad 501800oke7madel0
What main character are you?
Your Result: Strong Sad
You are brilliant and creative. But you are also depressing, and people don't like being around you. Try some caffeine! It might help you. (And maybe scare others, but still.)
Coach Z
Homestar Runner
Pom Pom
The Cheat
Strong Mad
Strong Bad
Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal

Who I'd like to meet:

Not planning on meeting anyone ever. Blinkie storage time pailmail-3 IMG-8421 a2e45f972d7b354bb2978fb944884b0061af7bfc trogdor thecheatday v29 k19 bluelazer3 sbemailtandy v31 d17 k7 k9 5 h5 e16 d32 e3 thecolourofinfinity2 fishy tumblr-inline-puk1jx1-T371wda5dc-500 74 159 blinkies-Cafe-Qo blinkies-Cafe-ZW home-needs-a-cat c1 i1 f4 d30 v18 e15 h11 z6 t3 b34a8763c7c064e4c8b582830be3647b4959a922 ebay-addict homestarruiner2 a0cf39708dbd046ac2cf794acb6e6a5fa51c5dc7 a22 homestarruns ilovecarebearswa strongstarsupport a23 e10 mastershake homestaradvice blinkies-Cafe-BB 0e124c467debd500b9da42f13abc8590cc272023-gifv back

IMG-9902 Im-An-Alien-Blinkie 6ec371e83ab79c6880af9ce8aec16fceecf08d3b blinkies-Cafe-gt athf b7

firedivider e26 strongbadia a10 a14 e28 f5 f9 i3 d7 tribblestamp d4on2wa-4051ccfa-4039-4378-aecb-4a7c6fbd9443 weird-al-stamp 170 f6 vulcanstamp jeff-da-killa-stamp-by-x-nauts-d4hj32q-fullview e14 7218658f-original will-graham-stamp-by-finchslanding-d7lez7a-fullview a1c74e665b2ce67df6b6d6f67c4ba66b22fc94e0 d6669iz-9df0ca3f-8815-46f6-81ac-b286bfb6c399 IMG-9899 e88b5056975d7da9314c496c20e0c3eb89860170 4fc633a5eaa5359df5b3248101f00eb6b7433780 f944870dc494d5cd6e4a781026fdce9752c89df0 asdf-fan-by-mr-mooner totallyrad dc0psaf-12138620-bd73-4bee-a646-9123923604bf bfbc8b5ec98e03efce6e9d30ba5c9045e3165184 d3e2d7f1d288c7b3ab98cdcd4ce6ca6d04258637 d76c15433a3e67bf17371f891a6631f565028a77 0bdb0172afc66da0b506c38a784f4a49d517fce2 tumblr-inline-plj6e2-Lx-Yb1vsqiz2-500 d92g547-d2e900d1-22e2-47ef-857b-521b83ca396f beegstampz61 e87e8d879745fe5dadab4456ed78ae7423b8b521 d12jtk4-055a8aec-1084-43ce-8bbb-8469d463baf9 db1s6rv-6844cc23-02f9-47fe-99d7-8a2925a127f7 ezgif-5-d8418161b0 dcnmj5w-14ea48ad-d782-413f-8fd6-50ac1441daad f3 e29 ptr-02 a5d8db47399b2a8e224e91ab1834ffde7a77b3fc i4 j5 plsew9 h6 tumblr-pc32dzs2a-K1u9srw6o2-100 wada-by-molly-stamps-db2gocb 2308563-a8b05 g8 0b2e662ce5f609411b8556d212e0e9b3a3d525e3 e5e982d8e393800218a1734662fcc40e79a59e16 goodieblink-22 d37f55a-e91de05e-7d5a-4ac3-a1fc-4ab5a004c5e0 bluefiredivider Music blinkies g3

yahoomail 9QqMOl homestar

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your spacehey page fosho ROCKS!

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awesome profile! (the aquabats epic moment B) )

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