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"Tryna retire early"

Okc👌🏽Any/All pronouns~I'm gender fluid sucka~ Pan~ 30~Married

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General nerd shit 🤷🏽🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ I make money DMing dungeons and dragons so I am generally interested in that.


No specific genre. If I find something I like, I keep it in my heart and in my playlist 😌


Just recommend a bunch to me





Also recommend tv shows so that we can have something to talk about in case of emergency




Mystery and fantasy are good go-to's. I'll read anything that peaks my interest though


You're my hero. Dealing with the bullshit that comes from day to day life and making it another day. Real proud of ya, sport


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About me:

🇲🇽🇺🇸 I speak just enough Spanish to be able to speak Spanish to other Spanish speakers: mostly just friends, family, and other construction workers or strangers.

Married. Dad to 1 daughter

I'm also an ordained minister but focus on the other stuff



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Who I'd like to meet:

YOU. Love making new friends!

Click https://tellonym.me/SmoochieW so you can tell me things anonymously! Be nice, be mean, be weird, be creepy, idgaf 😁😁

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime= https://soundcloud.com/jimmyjofficial

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Jo Majesty

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Happy New Year

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Aww thank you lovely! Sorry for the late reply but Happy New Year to you too!!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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Gonna find the Pj’s Christmas Special. Just fyi 🎄

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1. Are you trying to seduce me? Because that'll do it
2. Lmk immediately when and where you find it :) as I am clearly to lazy to try rn lol

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Sydney Gorgeous

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Hope your well

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whats good boy i think i saw you by the chevron gas station

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Daaammmnn that was a lil minute ago lol didn't catch ya unfortunately. If you yelled to get my attention, I was probably Hella faded and didn't mean to ignore you lol

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Lord Byon, Teral Dragon

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by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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Hey hey hey. How have you been? I hope all is well.

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Been good! Getting even better too 👌🏽 how about you? Been a lil minute

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

I am glad you're doing better. As for me I am doing good currently watching tv for the night & having a smoke session 💨🍃🤷🏾‍♂️🙌🏽🙌🏽 I hope you have a good night.

by R3KL3SS; ; Report


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Ty for the add! (^_^)

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No problem whatsoever hope to see and hear from you :)

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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💙 stay great my friend:)

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

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💕 💞

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love you!!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Bruce Wayne

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How's it goin brochacho!? Been a while since I said hi. Hope all is fab

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Life's good! Bout to get a $10+ pay raise at work in a few weeks so cross your fingers that I pass this test. I need fuck around money 💰 how you been sucka fool??

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Cool stuff.. I think you'd cross it nicely. Yea not too bad here. This sucker fool's pretty much planning shopping around Europe sometime with either Selina or Vicki. Anyway, wish you well on that dudester we all need that fuck around money! 🤜

by Bruce Wayne; ; Report


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love ur profile! major arcade aesthetic and i'm so here for it! 🕹️🎮

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Arcade games make me happy, so I figured I'd share the smiles here thank you so much! 💙

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Sydney Gorgeous

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Hi showing love!!!!!

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Always appreciate it 💯 🙏🏽 hope you've been well!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

I’ve been better

by Sydney Gorgeous; ; Report

I’ve been better

by Sydney Gorgeous; ; Report

Sydney Gorgeous

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Hi showing love!!!!!

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Thank you! 🌈 notta problem!

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Thank you so much for your support Plummer. Hope all is well! I had to stop by and show your page some love also

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Thank you so much!! Hope you're having a great weekend! :))

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Ty Roberts

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Thanks for accepting my friend request! I hope you are doing great and have a kick ass year! Aloha from Hawaii! 🌴

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So far, so good! Thanks a ton hope yours is going well too!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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Thanks for the add

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No problem at all :) you seemed nice and cool so had to lol

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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Heyyyy.. thanks for adding me back! Happy Friday, enjoy ya weekend. Dig ya page.

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Thank you! Had to add ya back tho! I mean, have you seen yourself and your page? The vibes were too immaculate to not

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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I came here to show your page some love

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Ayyye much appreciated Nendee :) 💛

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

by Nendo✨; ; Report