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My general interests are: 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️ZOMBIESSSS, Analog horror, Aliens, Science/Forensics/Biology, Dark psychology, My room, My cat, Horror, Deepweb&4chan stories n all dat shrimp, Tech, Learning code currently, Trolling...trolololol, Video games, RPG maker games, Film, Podcasts, Reddit…, Art, Music, Collecting, da cold...🥶, cool clothes. ❌I HATE TIKTOK, HEAT, SCHOOL, AND GAY MFS FR!!!!!!!!!❌ BUT ANYWAYS LAWLLLL… Some games i like are (Horror games, Zombie games, FPS games) ;MAIN GAMES- ALL RESIDENT EVIL/ALL PERSONA/BLACK OPS/JET ZET RADIO/ TWEWY/POKEMON ;I also love pretty much any genre of Film but my favorite has to be psychological or anything grimy with a dark atmosphere. ;Some YouTubers/Streamers n their podcasts I rlly like: MoistCr1iKaL, vinesauce, Supermega, Razzle, Sam Hyde, Danny Gonzalez, 39daph, Jerma985, Turkeytom/Tomdark, Manlybadasshero, Joseph Anderson, Coryxkenshin, Rick Glassman, Mamamax


I LOVE all genres of Metal and Rock, I also really love 90s-2000s Rap/HipHop!! Some of my top bands and artists are: Chevelle, Type O Neg, Negative XP, Muse, Sunny day real estate, Celldweller, Enslaved, Kid606, Fleshwater, Gorjia, Goblin, Junkie XL, Limp bizkit, Drowning Pool, Narrow head, Tupac, Wu-Tang clan, MF DOOM, Parquet coarts, Foo fighters, Death grips, Rammstein, Dr. Octagon, NIN, The garden, ICP, Apartment 26, Igorrr, FFDP, Acid bath, Gwar, HIM, TOOL, A perfect circle, KMFDM, VAST, ORGY, (THERE R SO FUCKING MANY JFC IM TIRED), Queens of the stone age, Wednesday 13, Saliva, lll Nino, Kings of leon, Incubus. VKEI/JMETAL: Gulu Gulu, Buck-Tick, Imperial Circus Dead Decadence AND ETC ETC


TOP 10::: Everything everywhere all at once, Bullettrain, The silence of the Lambs, Pulpfic, Promare, Hells, Spiderman Into/Across The multiverse, Paprika, Fear and loathing in los vegas, Dead leaves, Once upon a time in Hollywood, WrldwarZ, 28weeks ltr, TTCM, Transformers, Suspiria, Parasite, The butterfly effect, severance, tron, oldboy jp, My suicide, The Cloverfield paradox, fallen angels jp, Clerks. ETC ETC TOO MANY BUT U GET THE JIST LOL.


oh boyyyy here we go: Better call saul, The walking dead, Sweet home, Alice in borderland, All of us are dead, Breaking bad, South park,Mr show with bob and david, Invader Zim, Terror in resonance, Mask girl, FLCL, CSM, Houseki no kuni, FMAB, cowboy bepop, Paranoia agent, Soul eater, DCB, DR stone, steins gate, family guy, SpongeBob, Mob psycho, MDE:WORLD PEACE, The mandela catalogue, Fishtank.live, Slippin jimmy


Manga: CSM, Houseki No Kuni, Blame!, One piece Books/Authors: Stephen king, Steelheart, Anne rice, F451


snoop dog 420

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✦•┈๑HAYY!!!! Im SETH, USER: SEFTWARE! I love Videogames and Film, I also draw sometimes ig... I have two cats that I will make famous and get me clout!!๑ XUX

South Park - Kyle Broflovski

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