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"Im under ur bed (◍•ᴗ•◍)"

WARNING‼️‼️: i bite people!!!

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HAAAAAAAIII!!1!1! HALLOOOO!! ... Hewwo :3 Haaaai!!!1!1! I speak english and spanish! Im originally from chile 🇨🇱, i have less than 15 years old :P, im so silly and autistic 😗 AND I LUV TO MEET NEW PEOPLE!!!1!1! (≧∇≦)/ I like chocolate, colors, Big dogs!!!, bugs, MUSIC, make new friends, bite people, run, HIDE AND SEEK!!1!1!1!, true crimes, AND MOREEE!!!1!1! 😆 I'm such cold sometimes, BUUUT!!!, it's bc i have fear to people leave meee!!1!!1, because when i hace confidence with the person, im very clingy and loving and things like that!!!! I NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE!¡!! RAAAAGAGAGHHA * jumps and kills you* (^・ェ・^) <──── SILLY!!!1!1!1!1


Mitski  ★  Penelope Scott  ★  Kikuo  ★  Miki Matsubara  ★  Slipknot  ★  PXNDX  ★  Destroy Boys  ★  Vocaloid  ★  El cuarteto de nos  ★  Korn ★  Rebzyyx  ★  Jack Stuber  ★  Cavetown  ★  TV girl ★  Radiohead  ★  My chemical romance   ★  Depresión sonora  ★  Weezer  ★  Mägo De Oz  ★  Maretu  ★  Laufey  ★  McCafferty ★ Mindless Self Indulgence ★ The killers ★ S*icide Silence ★ The Cardigans ★ Pisse ★ Pierce The Veil ★ Ghost And Pals ★ Twice ★ Gorillaz ★ Mudvayne ★ Molchat Doma ★ James Clarke ★ Kittie ★ deftones ★ System Of a down ★ Childish Gambino ★ Vacations ★ Dragonforce


The movie of five nights at Freddy's, Jackass (Especially the "Jackass F♡rever" and the 4.5 one), fight club and coraline ^.^ NAUHSHd


Dorohedoro, Bojack horseman, family guy, Happy Three Friends, Evangelion, Dokuro chan, madoka magica, uhm. (*´꒳`*)


Oyasumi punpun, heartstopper y Amor y la vida de Daniel i think 😗


Nah, nobody. The people sucks


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I need to stop mixing lenguages together... PERO NO QUIERO, MUAHAHAHAHAHA 😗

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I fucking hate simon Cowell

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⋆⋅♡Jane Doe♡⋆⋅

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Me encantaaaa tu pefilll1!! Esta super cool!1!¹!!

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Si qieren hablar conmigo, no se preocupen si no respondo, probable que estoy ocupada!!!!, y bueno, si qieres saber sobre mi vida namas ve mis blogs!!! I ♡ U!!!!

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