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tf2, nirvana/kurt cobain, religion, how to train your dragon, invader zim, mlp, art, south park, onegai my melody, cosplaying, dick figures, horror movies, the smiles family, american psycho, wings of fire, warrior cats, the mandela catalogue, nyan cat, the 2000s, everymanhybrid ⦻ and supernatural X3 -------- comfort characters: the narrator - fight club, dj pon-3 - mlp, baller - yes the meme, hiccup - httyd, toothless - httyd, gir - invader zim, dib - invader zim, patrick bateman - american psycho, lloyd joe - the smiles family, blue - dick figuresadult danny - the shining, donnie darko, caesar - tmc, barbara - rayman, sam thurman - GWQ


6arely human, foo fighters, nirvana, the cure, the front bottoms, mother mother, brning brain sound industries, vocaloid, black sabbath, iron maiden, lemon demon, korn, crass, ke$ha, ayesha erotica, alex g, slipknot + more :3


american psycho, hereditary, my little pony movie, httyd, invader zim, fight club, donnie darko, scooby doo (2002), the magic schoolbus, tf2 comic dubs, pulp fiction and the mandela catalogue!!


generated blinkie top surgery :D blinkie FUCK MY LIFE! blinkieI <3 VIOLENCE blinkie SCENE KID! blinkie JERMA985 blinkie I am a god blinkie Hell is a teen girl blinkie Webkinz blinkie I Glow in the Dark blinkie This user is time blind blinkie Pinkie Pie blinkie Fluttershy blinkie you know, like *nya* blinkie I /heart beanie babies blinkie Rainbow Dash blinkie stargazer blinkie autism! blinkie Autism! blinkie I have social anxiety blinkie AT MY FUCKING LIMIT blinkie Sarcasm is the 1 service I offer. blinkie /heart  proud cat dad  /heart blinkie hehe just kitten!! ;3c blinkie this user is trains blinkie gay pride blinkie i luv boyz! blinkie werewolf blinkie oh no...,, blinkie I love my computer <3 blinkie CAUTION blinkie BURN IT ALL DOWN blinkie I literally don't care. blinkie don't like, don't read blinkie catboy  rights !!  :3 blinkie my bf blinkie too many tabs!! blinkie Blood-Sucker blinkie stop animal cruelty Normal People worry me Animal Lover gotta problem life I love my online buddies Family comes first music is life <3


ummm all of them?? lololol XD



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About me:

lololol im jack/lloyd/asbestos/jazz/coyote/samael/toothless/wolfy/inky he/xe/it/cat/gorecat/lol/nya/nyan/pop/night/nightfury/fury/un/error my fashion/music changes but itz a mix uv scene, emo, goth, punk and grunge usually X333 imz lonely creepypasta luvr!!!!! XD I LOVE NIRVANA AND HTTYD AND TSF ZOMG I A FURRY/THERIAN, song writer, norse pagan/rokkatru whore-or movie fr34k!!! X3 I RLLY like scene/scenecore, crunkcore, nostalgiacore, cryptidcore, vampcore, 80s/90s diner aesthetic and fruitiger aero!!!! ---------- IGNORE THIS!!!!! IMZ AN IDIOT AND I DONT WANNA REMOVE IT CODE BELOW GOES UNDER YOUR ABOUT ME PARAGRAPH TO ADD YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK SHARE, EMBED, COPY THEN PASTE HERE ONLY CHANGING THE WIDTH AND HEIGHT TO 350 AND 215 MAIN CODE - BODY MEANS THE FULL BACKGROUND - PROFILE MEANS ANYTHING WITHIN THE MIDDLE SECTION

Who I'd like to meet:

umm 6arely human, dave grohl, or definitly kurt cobain XD but on a serious note, i wanna meet emos, scene kids, scenemos, alt, goth, metalheads, and any1 in the alternative group, furries, therians X3c (DSMP FANS/ALFREDS PLAYHOUSE FANS/MAPS/PEDOS/ZOOS/NAZIS DNI!!!!) im jewish so like if ur antisemetic or a nazi gtfo and unfriend me rn :3c also if ur AO3 corpsefries (you know who you are) or a fan of their work get out now. they are a disgusting human bean!!!! --- also im autistic and have adhd depression pls be patient with me and respect my decisions unless you notice they could or do hurt you or another person/group and always educate me on controversial stuff if i say smth controversial i wanna be as equal and kind and non-discriminatory as possible :3 also if ur a nazi 'punk' no ur not!! fuck u, as an actual punk XP

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Neat profile!

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Hii thank you for the add! You seem super kewl. x33

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Hey loving your vibe, have good days x3

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Hi there.

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