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20 | United States | Male | He/Him | Furry

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Video Games, Music, Coding, VRChat, VR, Chatting, Social Media, Cartoons


EDM, Techno, Pop, Rock, Lofi, Relaxing music. Oh yeah, and by the way here's a few songs I've created. I wanted to finish the album but I started having self doubt. But give these a listen and see what you think!


Any animated movie. Such as Zootopia, Bad Guys


Adult swim cartoons. Such as Smiling Friends, Rick and Morty, Paradise PD, and more. Glep!


VRChat, Deep Rock Galactic, Roblox, Minecraft, Beat Saber, Terraria


People who create open sourced software.

Dancing proto!

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About me:


This layout was made entirely by me, including the layout in my blog posts! c:

Welcome to my profile! I'm just a fellow fur that's interested in all kinds of things such as technology and coding and music making, and talking to friends so feel free to add me if I've peaked your interest!


Check out my favorite songs playlist.

Who I'd like to meet:

Fellow gamers, or people who like to talk. I'm most active on Discord so I'd prefer you have that as well. If you play VRChat, or anything in general message me!

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Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💕 💞

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🌙 Kajiee 🌙's profile picture

`·. 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚠𝚒𝚗 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎. .𝚝𝚑𝚗𝚡 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚍𝚍

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No problem! Thank you for the request!

by Saucey; ; Report


Vori's profile picture

Still amazed by your profile :D
~Just giving some love here ^.^

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Thank you!! :D

by Saucey; ; Report


👾Єгї-Cѳѳpёя👾's profile picture

Woooww I love your profile so much, and thanks for the add! Hope to see plenty of you when I log in :)

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Thank you! I'm usually on so message if you want to

by Saucey; ; Report


Starlight's profile picture

I'm in love with the theming of your page! Been a big Valve fan all my life! Hope we can talk lots in the future!!

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I too, am a Valve fan xD And my wallet hates it

by Saucey; ; Report

Yep! I actually reserved a Steam Deck and my wallet is gonna hate me for it later ;;;

by Starlight; ; Report

Ooo nice! I got mine on release. It's awesome! :3

by Saucey; ; Report

Luckkyyyyyyy. I need to wait until at least October...

by Starlight; ; Report


sxpermxke's profile picture

Your profile is so cool!!!

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Thank you!

by Saucey; ; Report

hubert breast

hubert breast's profile picture

dude! your page looks awesome :OO

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As does yours!! OO:

by Saucey; ; Report

Miko ^_^

Miko ^_^'s profile picture

thx 4 da add!!!! u seem super cool! :]

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As do you! Thanks for the comment :3

by Saucey; ; Report


Hannah's profile picture

Thanks for the friendship!!
I love your layout!!!

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Thank you! I really liked your page as well it's a lot better than mine xD

by Saucey; ; Report

oh whatever! lol!! I love how each page can be customized to the user~! 💜

by Hannah; ; Report


C4FF31N3's profile picture

We are now besties, there is nothing you can do about it bro

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Uh oh what have I gotten myself into?

by Saucey; ; Report

You've made a grave mistake my friend

by C4FF31N3; ; Report

Bexter (Bec)

Bexter (Bec)'s profile picture

thanks for the friend req! your profile is awesome, i got hit with a wave of nostalgia hearing the L4D music (that was Left 4 Dead...right? lol)
hope you're doing well! ^__^

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That intro is for all of Valve's games. Left 4 Dead included :3

by Saucey; ; Report

oops i have one (1) brain cell pls forgive

by Bexter (Bec); ; Report

No you're perfectly fine!! O:

by Saucey; ; Report


xCøurtneyyx's profile picture

Thanks for the request!

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No problem! Thanks for accepting.

by Saucey; ; Report

You're very welcome!

by xCøurtneyyx; ; Report


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by Saucey; ; Report

Gemini ♊

Gemini ♊'s profile picture

Thanks for the add friend, I love the valve opening.

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Thank you aha!

by Saucey; ; Report

No problemo man

by Gemini ♊; ; Report


Macky's profile picture

hewwo hewwo nice profile ! :3

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Thank you uwu

by Saucey; ; Report


mishka's profile picture

thanks for the add! love the old school steam vibes of your page! ^w^!!!

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Thank you! That's the goal :3 I was loving your profile too to be honest! It's better than mine by far :3

by Saucey; ; Report

Dripping Venom...🌹

Dripping Venom...🌹's profile picture

Hello, Saucey.

I'm Lu.

Thank You.

Have A Great Day Always.....


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Howdy. Thanks for dropping by! I hope you have a great day as well :3

by Saucey; ; Report


by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

Bucky Seifert

Bucky Seifert's profile picture

Bruh old school Steam, nice.

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That was the goal!

by Saucey; ; Report

(= Smiles =)

(= Smiles =)'s profile picture

What a nice layout

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Why thank you! :3

by Saucey; ; Report

Your welcome

by (= Smiles =); ; Report

Maya Melancholy

Maya Melancholy's profile picture

woah, ur layout is sick! awwsome

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Wooaaa yours is even better! O:

by Saucey; ; Report

no way XD

by Maya Melancholy; ; Report

Yes way!

by Saucey; ; Report