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I play a lot of League of Legends. OG Scene/Emo kid.


Infectious - Imminence




Ugh. If only I could list every single book here.


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The picture is not me! League of Legends player. I don't take kindly to bullying of any kind, weirdos or creeps. ♥

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Thanks for accepting love 🥀🕸 Wishing you a lovely night

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Mr. Rodriguez

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Hello Chica Just spreading the love

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Nikki Lynnz

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Hey Gorgeous!
Showing your page some love! 💛
Sending you good vibes :)

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Papí Behr 🇨🇺

Papí Behr 🇨🇺's profile picture

Just stopping by your page to show love hermosa.

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Thank you for the add, new friend!

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How do you do my friend? I hope all is good.. Have a Nice upcoming Weekend!! Do what ever you wanna do. live life before it's past!! But stay healty! :)

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Hey! Thanks for the add :) Love your profile and you're so gorgeous!

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Theredspirit 🎸 (Joseph)

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Hi friend if you like indie pop/rock music check me out on Spotify as Theredspirit :)

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No! Thank you for being my friend!

by Steph; ; Report


𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥's profile picture

absolutely love Jinx ♥ the MV for Enemy is sooo cool, I can't wait to watch Arcane!!

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Thank you! Arcane is awesome!

by Steph; ; Report


½InDaClosetPlumber's profile picture

Your profile looks so good! Also, thanks for the friendship 💛 hope ya have a good day!

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Thank you, thank you! Thanks for letting me be your friend! ♥

by Steph; ; Report

No problem whatsoever! Have a great Monday! See ya around 💛

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Mas Fun TV

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Thank You for adding us

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Scott Oakjaw

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JINX did you like the Netflix show????

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I love the show but haven't watched the new installments yet! Myself and a League buddy wanted to stream it last night so we could watch it together and it wouldn't let us. However, I think we found a way to do so tonight.

by Steph; ; Report

Oh hell yeah!! I hope it works out

by Scott Oakjaw; ; Report

I hope so too because we were a bit sad last night when it wasn't working. D:

by Steph; ; Report

Oh also...if you play, you should add me! Satanix is my name on there!

by Steph; ; Report

D: the disappointment is real BIT TONIGHT! IT WILL WORK TONIGHT I FEEL IT

by Scott Oakjaw; ; Report

I don't play but I'll be sending you winner vibes

by Scott Oakjaw; ; Report


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Thank for accepting 🖤🔥🤘🏻

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You're most welcome! Glad to have you!

by Steph; ; Report

Sweeney Toad

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Thanks for the add!

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You're most welcome!

by Steph; ; Report


ЯΛY ЯΛVΛGΣ's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Can you wait any longer for that Imminence album release?! I'm sure I can't :')

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I'm super excited and can't wait! Not too much longer though!

by Steph; ; Report


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Miss ♡ Marshmallow

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thank you for accepting my request c: i love your profile!

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You're most welcome! I love yours too!

by Steph; ; Report


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your profile tho!!! my friends have been trying to get me into league of legends, might give it a shot soon

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League is best, but a very toxic community inside! Love your name, by the way! I am also a Slytherin!

by Steph; ; Report

slytherins unite (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

by Slytherhoe; ; Report


SpaceGoddess♡'s profile picture

Supper cute Jinx i love it!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

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I'm dying! You're the first person to know who she is! ♥♥♥

by Steph; ; Report

I used to play a long time ago back when it first came out till i brand came out then i stopped because of work but i was a decent adc lol never got the balls to play in an actual rank tho but i had fun Jinx is basically how i am so i love her the most 💖💙💖💙💖💙

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

Girl, we need to get you to start playing again! Jinx and Vi have their own show on Netflix. Basically a back story of their relationship as sisters!

by Steph; ; Report

i started it but my 3 year old was like nooope thats the main problem hehehe he's the boss im just the assistant manager Do you play the one that came out for the phone?

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

I do! You can add me there at Satanix! I'll support you! Might be a little hard as I'm Gold Elo on the mobile versioin! But we can do it!

by Steph; ; Report

awww that's sweet of you thank you alright next time im have free time I'll look for you im leslie btw nice to meet you!

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

Stephanie! It's nice to meet you too, Lexi! Just DM on here if you have free time to play! I understand the kid being the boss because mine are my boss!

by Steph; ; Report

hahaha awesome mommy life!!! ill let you know then 💖💖💖

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

my hubbs said if you wanted to play with him since i dont play much 👍

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

I mean, if he doesn't mind running along with me in Diamond Elo on pc. I'm not diamond but my friend that I play with religiously is. I'll send him a request. It will also be coming from Satanix

by Steph; ; Report

no he doesn't mind he likes playing no matter what anyones rank is ill let him know to check

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

Sweet! I sent him the friend request this morning!

by Steph; ; Report


by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report

I'm always one and I have a discord for all of us too when we play! As long as he can deal with my friend, Oni, we're good. Oni likes to crack a lot of jokes.

by Steph; ; Report

lol he's a bit on the serious side but he doesnt mind, his friends are always saying really stupid things hahahaa so i dont think anything phases him anymore 👍 you can be yourself and it'll be fine

by SpaceGoddess♡; ; Report