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"writing a compiler for my new language"

20yo artist/programmer ❖ she/her, this/that ❖ ask me about comms!

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mainly linux and programming. fav distro is alpine but i cant get novideo drivers to work on that so void it is. favorite languages are golang (friendship ended with nodejs now go is my best friend) and c. c++ should never have been created. i also like to play minecraft, make music, and draw.


artists/bands i like: - ginger root - chameleon - home - crystal castles - born gold - kagami smile - c418 - u2 - yu-utsu - geinoh yamashirogumi - molchat doma - - nömak - skrillex


fav movie is the cat returns


my favorite tv show is my life as a teenage robot



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About me:

i am a cat (in real life). you can visit my website at unfortunately it is not finisdhed!!! because i am writing my own webserver.

i am a member of tebibyte media. you can find my programming language on the tebibyte gitea instance.

be sure to check out my soundcloud, heres a sample of some of the stuff i make:

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Who I'd like to meet:

other furries/computer enthusiasts

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Matthew Cobalt

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Another one that came, did some stuff, and left.

What are the chances of people staying for longer here?

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by sasha koshka; ; Report

It just seemed you are one of those that leave their accounts after a while.

I guess not in your case, just an occasional user.

by Matthew Cobalt; ; Report

i rapidly cycle between doing things and this was one of them for a while, and now it is again

by sasha koshka; ; Report


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great background was this taken by you

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i didnt take it, i found it somewhere, can't remember where tho. its been my desktop wallpaper for a while. i really like it cause it reminds me of how it is outside when its snowing/just snowed, theres a full moon, and its cloudy. its like daylight but in the night. absolutely magical experience

by sasha koshka; ; Report

Sol (he/ they)

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How are you enjoying SH, so far?

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it is pretty epic

by sasha koshka; ; Report

Wonderful! I concur!

by Sol (he/ they); ; Report


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spacehey nord rice

by sasha koshka; ; Report