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he/it ; 19

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Mood: feelin like a wizzer from mid evil times

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✧ nu-metal

✧ v-kei

✧ grunge

✧ country

✧ dreamcore


✧ your name engraved herein

✧ in the mood for love

✧ taxi driver

✧ american psycho (in a gay way)


✧ what we do in the shadows

✧ trailer park boys

✧ the terror (amc)

✧ berserk

✧ monster


✧ kafka

✧ dostoevski

↳ AND MORE... message me about your literary obssession!!! i literally read for a living


"The Byronic hero, incapable of love, or capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action"

(... and goro majima)

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✧ really into HOMOFYING everything with my super evil laser ray ✧

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new friends!

DON'T WORRY ERI!! i'll take care of your cat for you :D

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★deniz's profile picture

GOSH i am in awe of your profile bro it's so good holy fkc

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hi deniz :D
thank you for the lovely comment and thank you for adding!
i love your profile, did you make your pfp? :O
hope you have a wonderful day my friend! <3

by saroyan °; ; Report


by ★deniz; ; Report


</SHALLOWBONES>'s profile picture

this profile is one of the best man, love the vibes SO MUCH

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hi bones!
thanks for adding! i love your profile and vibes, you seem awesome! i hope you're having a wonderful day :D
i love the music in your profile!! so great!! what is it called?

by saroyan °; ; Report

thank u sm dawg, heres the song!

by </SHALLOWBONES>; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

Great Googly Moogly's profile picture

Thanks for the add, Saroyan

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hello great googly moogly :D
thank you for the request! i love your profile and i wish you ton of success in your journey as a guitarrist. i love the feel of your page, we like a ton of the same bands. i'm really into alice in chains!
i hope you have a wonderful evening. rest easy!

by saroyan °; ; Report


anicca's profile picture

imagine being the coolest guy on spacehey

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hm... i wonder what it's like ://
tell us, anicca :P !!!!!!!!!
=saroyan (of another secreter unknown name to others)

by saroyan °; ; Report


anicca's profile picture

TYTY for the add back!!!!! i love love love ur layout and pfp and just everything ^_^

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hi anicca :D
thank you for the sweet comment!!
i love your profile as well . and ur pfp :P you seem like a great artist!
waaaah i hope we get to talk soon <3

by saroyan °; ; Report


feces's profile picture

holy shit THIS is the EXACT fucking vibe I was looking for when I was looking at layouts. SO FUCKING SICK ;__; should've kept looking lmao

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hi sofia!!
lol we are so similar!!
i can send you the layout i used as a base! it's this one:
from this one i changed the photos and a bit of the coding :D it's not as hard as it seems and i say this being terrible with computers :P here is a site that helped me test things out:
i hope you can get the blog of your dreams!! i'm excited to see it :D

by saroyan °; ; Report

TYYY! im gonna make a special drawing for it. Might takea while tho im a bit busy.

by feces; ; Report

omg im hyped!!!
take your time though and have a nice night!! please don't overwork yourself :(

by saroyan °; ; Report

█ █ elsa █ █

█ █ elsa █ █'s profile picture

omg i forgot to thank you for the add and came back to post a comment about it and UR PROFILE CHANGED AND IS SO COOL NOW? like i liked it before but I LVOE this point and click medieval game aesthetic is so neeeeeeeat!!!! \(ಥ﹏ಥ)/

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hi elsa :)
thank you for the lovely comment!!! LOL you caught me at a very critical time in my life (me getting a profile changing mood swing :P)
i think both of our profiles came from the same base and i gotta say only the coolest people have it B)
you're awesome!!! omg do you like ena as well? did you see there's a game coming out?
have a wonderful evening!!! hugss :D

by saroyan °; ; Report


feces's profile picture

love ur profile especially the music. What's the song if you don't mind me asking <3

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hi sofia :)
thanks for the comment! ehehe pardon the modesty but i love your profile as well :P
the song is called "escalator" from duster's new album! do you mind me asking abt the song on yours?
we like a bunch of the same stuff! text me whenever about your favorite music or maybe your thoughts on that dazai book you're reading :D
have a wonderful evening <3

by saroyan °; ; Report

The song on my profile is "A World of Madness" by Akira Yamaoka off the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. I'll definitely let you know my thoughts when I'm done with "The Setting Sun" <3

by feces; ; Report

Mysterious Blood Pyramid

Mysterious Blood Pyramid's profile picture

Omgggg i'm so sorry for ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴛɪᴄɪᴢɪɴɢ ᴍᴇʟᴀɴᴄʜᴏʟɪᴄ ꜱᴏʟɪᴛᴜᴅᴇ *dies* xP (your page is so cute you work fast!)

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hi laika :)
thank you for the lovely comment :D im sorry for romanticizing the melancholic solitude i wandered outside as the waves crashed and lightning fell and the sturm und drang etc etc
thanks once again! i saw how cool ur profile was and i said to myself "man. how will i ever get on this level of total awesomeness" so i had to shape up fast :P
i hope you're having an amazing weekend!

by saroyan °; ; Report

I totally get you I was like walking along a foggy beach when I stopped to ponder a stone and when i skipped it across the water it like totally made a quiet yet meaningful descent and all i could think was .,,..,. yeah girl

by Mysterious Blood Pyramid; ; Report

Al ✦⋆°

Al ✦⋆°'s profile picture

Thank you for adding me back! I love your profile sm and I think you're super cool and so are your interests! ♡

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UWAAAA thank you al you're awesome i'm starstruck ;----;
have a wonderful afternoon :) <3

by saroyan °; ; Report

Zap :3 ドカン

Zap :3 ドカン's profile picture

You're very cool! Thanks for the add

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hi zap :)
thank you for adding! i've been seeing u everywhere and you're so cool, it's an honor to be ur friend!
i hope u have a wonderful day, i love ur profile <3

by saroyan °; ; Report

mae !!

mae !!'s profile picture

i absolutely love your profile! u seem so so cool omg :0 i hope ur having such a wonderful day sweetie! <333

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hi mae :)
thank you for the wonderful comment!
ur profile is so so gorgeous, i LOVE all the flowers <3
we should talk about sylvia plath sometime!
have a wonderful day :D

by saroyan °; ; Report


Leslie's profile picture

leslie cheung nation rise up!!!

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yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
u are super cool!! we should totally watch some leslie cheung movies together someday :D

by saroyan °; ; Report

the other day i discovered that his wiki article says he starred in a softcore movie and the wiki weirdly had to say it showed his naked ass and my 3 braincelled brain was like WHERE CAN I FIND THIS... for science only tho ️ cjdkdks

id be down for it though even tho my attention span sucks

by Leslie; ; Report

we should pick a movie he is only featured in for like 10 minutes and watch only his scenes :P
WAHAHAH let me know if u figure out where to find it.... for science ofc

by saroyan °; ; Report

i got in on my google drive, i could give you a link... for SCIENCE ONLY THO!!!

by Leslie; ; Report


𝔈ℜℑ's profile picture

thanks for the add! love your music taste btw :)

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WAAA thank you!!!!!
we def should talk abt music someday!! would love to share playlists :D
hope u are having a great day :)

by saroyan °; ; Report

omg yes!!! lets share playlists!!!

by 𝔈ℜℑ; ; Report

momo's diary ♪

momo's diary ♪'s profile picture

COOL PERSON ALERT !! lol jk i honestly just wanted to comment on here cuz u left a rlly thoughtful comment on my page,, stay cool <33

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THANK U!!!!!
you're the best :D

by saroyan °; ; Report