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"While you're eating your feet, I'm stealing your teeth"

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✩ Mathematics / Matemática
✩ Worldbuilding
⋆ Conlangs
✩ Languages / Linguagens
⋆ Mandarin Chinese / Mandarim
⋆ Hebrew / Hebraico
✩ Music / Música
⋆ Guitar (acoustic) / Violão
✩ Sociology / Sociologia
⋆ Leftism / Esquerdismo
⋆ Psychology / Psicologia
✩ Illustration / Ilustração
✩ Firearms / Armas de fogo


✩ Orange Caramel
✩ The Crane Wives
✩ Fish In a Birdcage
✩ Jack Stauber
✩ Miracle Musical
✩ Jhariah
✩ Will Wood (and the Tapeworms)
✩ Shayfer James
✩ Skindred
✩ System of a Down
✩ Queen
✩ Pierce The Veil
✩ Panic! at The Disco (ryan ross era)
✩ Set It Off
✩ ICP (not a juggalo love y'all tho)
✩ Scene Queen
✩ Chrissy Chlapecka
✩ S3RL
✩ Lovejoy
✩ Kwite


✩ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
✩ Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
✩ Nimona
✩ Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


✩ Bigtop Burger
✩ Smiling Friends
✩ Way of The House Husband
✩ The Owl House
✩ Amphibia
✩ My Little Pony
✩ Spongebob
✩ Teen Titans Go
✩ Bluey
✩✩ not much of a shows and movies guy,,


✩ Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar
✩ One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston
✩ Mutual Aid by Dean Spade
✩ Are Prisons Obsolete by Angela Davis
✩ Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin
✩ DSM-V by APA


my girlfriend, Monika

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About me:

This blog is no longer maintained, account will remain up in case I decide to come back. I do love this website, I just have a really hard time being consistent!


Hello, my name's Jasneg Qero (pronounced "Jas-neg Hay-row"), but I can also go by Sunny. I'm a queer brasilian artist and also play guitar, so I write songs every once in a while.
This is my alt blog, meant to focus more on my writing and maybe my conlanging as well. I might make a website on like neocities or smth later on but I don't have a layout in mind yet.
Something that is very present in my work is my identity as someone who's leftist and neurodivergent, so if you have anything against either of those I suggest you leave.

I edit my profile a lot to add interests I forgot about, usually after seeing it mentioned in a different person's profile.

Credits for all images featured on my profile other than defaults goes to me, same for the theme.
Also my name isn't rlly Jasneg irl, that's a pseudonym based on a conlang :P


Oi, meu nome é Jasneg Qero (pronúncia "Jasneg Hêro"), mas você também pode me chamar de Sani. Sou um artista LGBT brasileiro e também sei tocar violão, então eu escrevo músicas de vez em quando.
Esse é o meu 2º blog, com mais foco em escrita e conlangs.
Algo muito presente nas minhas obras é a minha identidade como um esquerdista neurodivergente, se tens algo contra isso recomendo sair.

Eu edito muito esse perfil para adicionar interesses q eu tinha esquecido, normalmente quando eu vejo mencionado no perfil de outra pessoa.

Créditos para todas as imagens no meu perfil além do padrão são meus, assim como o tema.
E meu nome não é Jasneg na vida real, é um pseudônimo baseado em uma conlang :P

Who I'd like to meet:

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sussy skibidi toilet gyatt rizz in ohio

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You make conlangs?

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yes and have many, why?

by Jasneg Qero ☆; ; Report


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I love ur profile, itz very cool!!! >:D

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thank you!!

by Jasneg Qero ☆; ; Report


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Cool profile!

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ayo thanks man u too

by Jasneg Qero ☆; ; Report