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"dicking around :p"

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homestuck, vocaloid, ace attorney, PHARMACOLOGY!, resident evil, conlanging, danganronpa, j-core music, voiceroid, FNAF, old web/coding/computer customization


vanan'ice, t+pazolite, team grimoire, S3RL, kikuo, millionaires, MCR, pierce the veil, utsu-P, kobaryo, lamaze-p, nanahira


resident evil 4, bloodborne, omori, minecraft, roblox, fear & hunger, the path, the sims 4, FNAF 3, ace attorney 2, saya no uta, DRV3


kuroshitsuji, assassination classroom, demon slayer, panty & stocking with garterbelt


kagamine len, karkat vantas, franziska von karma, tohoku kiritan


gavincest supporter transsexuelle free palestine palestinian flag artist carnivore tohoku kiritan real life vampire fangs are sexy born to die, world is a fuck, 鬼神 kill em all 1989, i am trash man, 410,757,864,530 dead cops the queen is dead!!!!!!! DYING SOON shark lover maya time i heart vocaloid i NEVER solved rubix cube black blinkie with four blinking eyes i love karkat vantas waiting for something to happen? take a chill pill party party party like a millionaire vanan'ice fan AAA aw shit sex with paper shredder otomachi una derse dreamer space aspect rin chan now! still a homestuck evanescence god dont interact bloodsucker vanan'ice blue rose album blinkie addicted to my pc hell had no space so i came back twisted cycle path

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About me:

HAIII!! im venn/vesyú
i love being cringe!!!! \(★ω★)/
im addicted to hoarding graphics
eng + 日本語(勉強中)


Who I'd like to meet:

any nice person whos a fan of stuff i like (^_^)

i heart gore homestuck troll emoticons i support cannibalism
based on gay manga vocaloid fan im not weird, youre just too normal
cannibal john egbert stamp insane and proud of it!
utsu-p stamp i talk about my interests though no one wants to listen kasane teto the drills dont spin
vampire trans boy magic my chemical romance
warning my diet consists of barbed wire gamzee makara toothbrush stamp my music taste is abysmal but my dick is gigantic
i heart gasmasks heart emoji blood just monika stamp
mean people suck! yuzuki yukari stamp i love shotas
kagamine len stamp karkat vantas stamp i love blood and gore
accept jesus win a free XBOX 360! serl 2012 little kandi raver stamp danganronpa trigger happy havoc characters stamp
jade harley god tier stamp kasane teto triple baka stamp franziska von karma stamp
jesus says no to homestuck maya fey knocking you the fuck out stamp we all go to hell
i make typos! gamzee makara pride flag stamp kasane teto kasane territory stamp
i love lolis im such a nice person... its a shame im going to hell stuck in 2014
narumitsu stamp homestuck stamp komaeda nagito stamp
kagamine len stamp ace attorney objections homestuck beta kids stamp
babymetal stamp trucy wright fan i like the internet and gay people
the last supper the love of my life is a fictional character touhoku itako stamp
kimi wa jitsu ni baka da naa kurumi ponchio monster energy unleash the beast
banica conchita rip gossip sea zundamon momi agewo shaka agewo

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★ CYB3R :3 ★

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ur profile is so cool!!!!!!!!

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thx so much!!! urs is awesome too :D

by vesyú ☆ヽ(´▽`)/; ; Report

☆ UmLammerJammyXD ☆

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thanks for the add!! :D

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welcome!! :3

by vesyú ☆ヽ(´▽`)/; ; Report