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"be gay, do drugs, hail satan"

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~ eradicating capitalism
~ reclaiming the internet
~ writing poetry
~ self-reflection
~ learning & understanding


Find me on Discord at sadness#1337 or check my website at


Does modern social media fail to satisfy you? Do you long for the days of personal websites, blogging and community? Check out the Yesterweb Discord server! (18+ preferred).


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About me:

Find me at

The internet has changed...

The internet used to be:
    a place for creative expression
    vastly customizable
    a space for people, by people
The internet has become:
    a marketplace (and we are the product)
    a one-sided social experience
    a capitalist hellscape

We, the people of the internet, have the power to restore it to its former glory.

I wrote an article detailing the topic in-depth.

How you can participate

  • Stop or reduce activity on modern social media (especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).
    • Convince your friends to do the same!
  • Speak out on social media about the harms of using those platforms & promote alternatives.
  • Speak out about why the structure of social media & SEO is ruining the internet.
  • Create your own space on the web.
    • Convince your friends to do the same!
  • Socialize with & collaborate with other webmasters & artists.
  • Write your own manifesto.

Most of all, never stop creating & making connections on the internet. We will never give up!

Who I'd like to meet:

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✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ

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Thank you for the add!

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hii! thank you for the add! i absolutely loved your website! i never got to experience the early internet and i love the idea of fighting back against the corporate side of it. thanks!

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thankyou for the add!~ i've been reading your profile and your website

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Thanks for accepting my friend request. I just had to spend a few minutes looking through your profile and website to establish that we're going to form a fine friendship.

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Heyy thanks for the add! 🖤 Sick profile babe ️">

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⭐️🌸[Bun]Nee🌸⭐️'s profile picture

Thank you for the add~ I love your stamps! Those take me back so far into my brain that I'm having insane 2006 flashbacks.

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thx 4 the add! luv your profile is so cute

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Thank you for the add!

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*sprawls myself out across your profile like a french girl* sup

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I am currently a stay at home mom. I’m in the works of getting my own little retro clothing shop off the ground but it’s been a slow process. I also do some freelance modeling and content creation.

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I need to spend some time churching up my profile. I may do that later this evening. What do you do for work?

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my lucky #3

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thank you so much i was on there for quite a while when i was a teenager! i wish it had never died out. what about you?

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Thanks for the add, hun! 🕷🖤🕸 I love your profile & playlist 🌙 I hope your day goes well today 🥀

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Flo [RAWR]

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I do like bullet journaling and regular journaling. All by hand. I used to keep my regular journal virtually but theres just something about actually sitting down and writing that is so therapeutic for me.

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Fluid Dynamic

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Thank you so much for the connection!!

Much love and support from Scotland :D

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Allie Cat ♥

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Your profile is fantastically a e s t h e t i c ! Love it!

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Thank you so much! Your profile is a e s t h e t i c too, I love the falling leaves!!

by; ; Report

ash lynx

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ahhh a fellow tired cat mom! i love the color scheme of your profile and the raining background is so calming and cute! i love the whole vibe you've got going on!

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thank u for the add ♥

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