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history, cats, sanrio, horror, plushies, magical girls, tamagotchis, disney princesses, fashion, coding/web design, san-x, astrology, politics, drawing, lalaloopsy, vocaloid, vexillology


jack off jill, deftones, tommy febuary6, kittie, babes in toyland, korn, hole, babymetal, serani poji, nicole dollanganger, loona, she wants revenge, taylor swift, system of a down, ethel cain, loona, lana del rey, twice, marina, duster, scarling, chappell roan, pitcher56, fiona apple, elita


kamikaze girls, but i'm a cheerleader, turning red, mean girls, the rocky horror picture show, pearl, ginger snaps, bottoms, it, tangled, black swan, jojo rabbit, monster high, when marnie was there, spiderverse, coraline, thirteen, ginger snaps, the virgin suicides, girl interrupted, the craft, perfect blue, jennifer's body, edward scissorhands, kiki's delivery service, my neighbour totoro, lisa frankenstein


my little pony, azumanga daioh, k-on, stranger things, i am not okay with this, the owl house, adventure time, bluey, neon genesis evangelion, gravity falls, higurashi when they cry, madoka magica, mirai nikki, hilda, amphibia, the amazing world of gumball, bee and puppycat, derry girls, cardcaptor sakura, ever after high, infinity train, total drama, nana, pretty little liars, moral orel, h2o, inside job, paradise kiss, skins uk


hilda, moomins, scott pilgrim, uzumaki, goodnight punpun, diary of a wimpy kid, dork diaries, the goldfinch, carrie, the secret history, the communist manifesto, women, race & class, tomie, a series of unfortunate events, the metamorphosis, american psycho


animal crossing (new horizons, new leaf and wild world), tomodatchi life, doki doki literature club, persona 5, breath of the wild, five nights at freddy's, my fluffy life, bang dream, project sekai, you and me and her, needy streamer overload


konata izumi, marcy wu, rapunzel, quinni gallagher-jones, momoko ryuugasaki, futaba sakura, kotoko utsugi, luz noceda, asuka langley soryu, usagi tsukino, mabel pines, sonata dusk, chiyo yumehara, yui hirasawa, osaka kasuga, natsuki


faline san, illymation, kurtis conner, matt rose, olisunvia, chad chad, danny gonzalez, mina le, amazingphil, dan howel, moderngurlz, cheyenne lin, shanspeare, izzzyzzz, vsauce, eff minus, shunks, wendigoon, boy boy

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About me:

meowwwwwww :3 i'm kitty (u can also call me kiki), i go by any pronouns tho preferably she, i'm 15 years old, i'm lesbian girlflux, white arab (eng/gre/leb), i have autism + adhd so bear with me. i looooooove everything pink and cutesy!!!

proud cat mum & giant swiftie :3 i am so so normal about all of my interests i swear.

what madoka magica character are you? i am madoka kaname what sailor moon character are you? i'm sailor mini moon what tokyo mew mew character are you? i am ichigo

who are you in the mane 6? i am pinkie pie

which fruits basket character are you? i am tohru honda

what neon genesis evangelion character are you? i am shinji ikari

what flower are you? i'm a rose

whats your mental age? my mental age is 4

what pokemon are you? i am togetic

which junji ito character are you? i am oshikiri

which jewelpet are you? i am ruby which sanrio character is your soulmate? pochacco is my soulmate

what is your colour? my colour is dandelion

what is your inner stuffed toy? mine is a pink build-a-bear

what jellyfish are you? i am a upside down jellyfish

are you silly or goofy? i am silly

what is your animal crossing personality? my animal crossing personality is peppy

what element of harmony are you? i am the element of kindness

what alicorn princess are you? i am princess cadence

what care bears character are you? i am bed time bear

what powerpuff girls character are you? i am bubbles

which barbie are you? i am ballarina barbie

what dere type are you? i am a dandere

what shoujo anime character are you? i am usagi tsukino

what anime weapon would work best for you? mine is cuteness

what lucky star character are you? i am mizuki takara

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i am
an angel, autistic, a cat lover, miss communist, a magical girl, cute, a girl lover, girly, a princess, sapphic, chubby
who are you ?

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anna ^.^

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ty for the add ur profile is literally the cutest omg! ヽ( 'ω' )ノ

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thank you!!!!

by kitty ♡; ; Report

⁠˖ . ♰ EMI / ELY. !!﹒ ◠ ୨୧

  ⁠˖ . ♰ EMI / ELY. !!﹒ ◠...'s profile picture

I love your profile and how you decorated it, it is the cutest profile I have seen (⁠*⁠´⁠ω⁠`⁠*⁠)

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thank u!!!! ꒰ ⸝⸝ ˊ͈ ˘ ˋ͈ ⸝⸝ ꒱

by kitty ♡; ; Report


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THANK U 4 THE ADD !! u have the cutest profile EVER ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و love your tastes and how u decorated it :b

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thank u sm!!! ଘ꒰ ੭*ˊᵕˋ꒱੭

by kitty ♡; ; Report