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"From break and ruin, the most beautiful performance begins."

Only friend if you're 18+. I'm an unknown cephalopod species.

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Zoology, paleontology & deep time, mythical beasts, anthropology, video games, internet rabbitholes, scalies, speculative biology, creature design, SCP Foundation, classical literature. Weird fish at the bottom of the ocean are my friends. I have over 1,000 hours on Spore. My Plague Inc custom scenario got a spotlight from Ndemic.

Special Interests

Project Moon, paleontology, marine fauna, Tomodachi Life, Spore.

Video Games

Lobotomy Corporation, Library of Ruina, Limbus Company, Spore, Pokemon (mostly the DS generations), Tomodachi Life, Tomodachi Collection, Miitopia, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, Yoshi's Story, Undertale/Deltarune, Lisa: The Painful, Hylics, Animal Jam: Play Wild, Plague Inc, Echo, The Smoke Room, Starbound, Dead Plate, and a lot more.


The things people associate with pretentious people, Warrior Cats AMVs, and sad furry vent videos. Mili, Mother Mother, Radiohead, Gorillaz (original album up to Plastic Beach), Vocaloid (I don't listen to any specific artists). The sounds of whales, frogs, and crows. As a kid, I refused to listen to anything that wasn't "evil music".


SAW series (especially the first one), The Sielnce of the Lambs, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, American Psycho, Antiviral. Planning on getting more into kaiju films. Letterboxd:


Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Future is Wild, SpongeBob, Death Note.


The Plague, Moby-Dick, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under theSea are my all-time favorites. Others include All Tomorrows, Flowers for Algernon, After Man, Man After Man, The Stranger, Raptor Red, Wings of Fire (especially Darkstalker), Warrior Cats, Darkwing. The works of Hesse, Camus, and Kafka. I love books a lot. Goodreads:


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About me:

Tiny Skull Crossbones Murkrow - Pokemon Call me Caspian. 20 year old male. Autistic and suffering from divine madness. Keter-class SCP, I am the one behind the "bloop" phenomenon. Mentally ill and struggling physically, specific issues are none of your business however. I'm a cognitohazardous dragon from the Cambrian era. I live in the hadal zone of the ocean and feast on microbial life with my gaping jaws. It's cold down here. Carrier of Yersinia pestis bacterium. Planning on getting a degree in marine biology. I fed ants as a child because I didn't want to play with the other children. Sometimes I have random epiphanies that I forget since I have no emotional permanence. I carried a toy maggot around my preschool. I have recieved a "most unique" award. I used to think my copy of Tomodachi Life was a gate into another universe and that it was talking to me. I am going to get an Eternal Reefs cremation if I ever die (not when). There will be no pastor at my wedding since God hates me. I made an iceberg for one of my special interests and a Youtuber made a video on it. I prayed to Arceus as a kid since I thought Jesus was lame. I am that friend you made when you were at a restaurant's playground when you were 8 on vacation and then never saw again. Hopefully we can reunite. I like being overly verbose and confusing people to create the illusion that I'm a sea monster that cannot be comprehended with the physical form of a mediocre white dude.

Who I'd like to meet:

Drama-free and chill people around my age who share my love of life sciences and video games. I don't mind sometimes talking to older people, though. Also, my ancestors from deep time. I want to give a Homo erectus a Big Mac. I want to hold an early synapsid. I want to feed a Pikaia some pellets. If you are one of these species and are a time traveller, please let me know. I'd love to study you and hear your stories. Please keep in mind that I struggle a lot with replying because I'm very shy and have disorders that impair social interaction. I try my best to be kind.

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Super cool profile!

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thx for the add, deep sea is really interesting, what did u make an iceberg abt I'm curious

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Ty for adding me. I think sea monsters are cool

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SEA MONSTERS ARE AWESOME!!! Yw!! I loove your profile sm

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Marshal <3

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I'm inside your walls and granny is with me.

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I'm absorbing you into myself I'm the alpha amoeba bitch.

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You're not even a cell. You're like, a microbe.

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Your mom

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