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"add me on discord!!"

18, Irish, She/They, rouxdeer on Discord

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Photography - Video Games - Cars - Bass - Music


Anything and Everything, if you like it, I'll probably like it as well ;) But my favourite genres include Metal, Jazz, Breakcore, Folk, Punk, or any combination of the 5!


I love horror movies!! recent favourites (horror or otherwise) have included The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Babadook, Run, Us, The Road, American Psycho, The Wolf of Wall Street, Coraline, Fantastic Mr Fox


Spy x Family, South Park, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Aggretsuko


Between Two Fires, The Road, She That Lay Silent Like Upon Our Shore


My mom ❤

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About me:

Hello!! (^∀^●)ノシ My name is Roux! I am 18 years old, Irish, Transfemme, and a Furry :3

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone really !! but more specifically; furries, 16+, pc gamers (I need gamer buddies), anyone who really shares stuff in common with me !!

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Neat profile!

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thank you !! :3

by Roux; ; Report


★ AZRAEL ★'s profile picture

Thx for the add! U seem cool we should chat some time :3

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yea totally !! hmu sometime :3

by Roux; ; Report

Kai The Sharkwolf

Kai The Sharkwolf 's profile picture

Yellow fellow Irish fur!

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YEAAA so awesome to meet ya !! hit me up :] I'd love to chat

by Roux; ; Report

love to! IMs or Discord??

by Kai The Sharkwolf; ; Report


Cardboard's profile picture

Ty for the add! layouts rad asl!!!

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Thanks !! Yours too :3

by Roux; ; Report


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that's a really sweet looking profile, neato

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hell yea thanks :] yours too !

by Roux; ; Report

Wayne Tsao

Wayne Tsao's profile picture


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Meow meow

by Roux; ; Report

meow mrrp miao purr

by Wayne Tsao; ; Report


PseudoLuminary's profile picture

Thank you for the add! I love the layout and adore your pfp

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ofc !!! and you too :3

by Roux; ; Report

aaron paul in a shopping cart

aaron paul in a shopping ...'s profile picture

aaron paul in a shopping cart

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Aaron Paul in a shopping cart

by Roux; ; Report


Aries's profile picture

Hella sick profile!! we should chat sometime :D

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Totally !! :3 feel free to add my discord, much easier than IMs here xP

by Roux; ; Report


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your profile is sick as hell, thanks for the add!

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yours too !! :D

by Roux; ; Report


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Love ur profile omg!!

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Same with yours !!! <3

by Roux; ; Report


Puff's profile picture


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UR PFP IS SO CUTE TOO I LOVE <33 hmu sometime, I'd love to chat :]]

by Roux; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞

The Young Vulnerable Anim...'s profile picture

Thanks for accepting our add!

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np :D y'all seem p cool ^w^ love ur profile!

by Roux; ; Report


stargirl☆'s profile picture

hi ohemgee ur profile is do sick! btw im also irish!! ☆

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Omg fellow Irish hello!! :0 I love ur profile too!! Feel free to IM me or add me on discord, I'd love to talk (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

by Roux; ; Report

i’ll add ur disc rn!! :D

by stargirl☆; ; Report


asmodeus 's profile picture

THANKZ 4 THE ADD NEW FRIEND!! I love ur profile!! so cute !!

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TYYY (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)
I love ur profile so much, bloodhound 4 life ⁠♡

by Roux; ; Report


by asmodeus; ; Report

roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat)

roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PL...'s profile picture

you seem cool!! love the webcore profile !!

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ty! ψ(`∇´)ψ

by Roux; ; Report

ive always been a sucker for webcore !

by roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat); ; Report

btw, where did you get your profile code?

by roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat); ; Report

oh you mean the layout?

by Roux; ; Report

yeah, i found it btw tho!

by roof (DM BEFORE ADDING PLS i wanna chat); ; Report

ahhh okok! nice :]

by Roux; ; Report


XD_M1k3y_XD's profile picture

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime!!!! (:

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hells yea, you too!! \(@^0^@)/

by Roux; ; Report

Thank you!!!! :D

by XD_M1k3y_XD; ; Report

Legacy Wolf

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Thanks for add back! ;D

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No probz! ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧
Feel free to IM me if you'd like to chat!

by Roux; ; Report

🦷 🖳︎CHAOS 🖳︎🦷

🦷 🖳︎CHAOS 🖳︎🦷's profile picture

your page looks so nice ahhhhhhhhhhhh also opinion on sonic the hedgehog ??

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TY (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
I've never played sonic games much but I love the fanbase !! and what I have played of sonic I've rly enjoyed so maybe I should get into it more

by Roux; ; Report

omg watch the show movies and read the comics !!

by 🦷 🖳︎CHAOS 🖳︎🦷; ; Report

very much tempted ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭

by Roux; ; Report


YamchaOnlyFans's profile picture

Thank you for the comment on my page !! Your page is so nice to look at :D

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YEAAA fellow windows theme buddies :D also you got mad good taste in music §(* ̄▽ ̄*)§

by Roux; ; Report

Thank you you too !

by YamchaOnlyFans; ; Report