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"multicellular carbon-based lifeform"

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HTML/CSS, drawing, marine biology, collecting vinyl, music analysis, robots, astronomy, paranormal phenomena, science fiction, chemistry, internet history, hlvr:ai…If you can’t tell from my profile already, I love the color green!


lemon demon, they might be giants, logan whitehurst & the jr. science club, weird al, talking heads, oingo boingo, DEVO, i monster, toby fox, ok glass, of montreal, the aquabats…anything geek rock or new wave I’ll probably like!


re-animator, saw (2004), alien, electric dreams, to be honest I don’t watch a lot of movies


brba/bcs, invader zim, gravity falls, ok ko


undertale/deltarune, portal, the legend of zelda, night in the woods, minecraft


neil cicierega

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Rottie17 He Gay Man

Greetings, internet cadet!

My full name is Sir Rotginald "Stripy Pants" Parabaloid Esquire, but most people just call me Rottie. I'm a teenage dude who likes geek rock and old tech/internet stuff!

Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club - Goodbye, My 4-Track Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear Oh, No! It's DEVO I Monster - Bright Sparks They Might Be Giants - Apollo 18 OK Glass - Sand (And Other Mysteries) of Montreal - Cherry Peel The Aquabats - The Aquabats! vs the Floating Eye of Death! and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 1 Looking for some SWEET, SWEET TUNES to soothe your earholes? Check out these ALBUMS! (Warning: Listening may or may not cause fatal exposure to radiation. Please consult the help manual for more information or press “1”)

I am autistic, please interact with care.

I don’t have much of a “Do Not Interact” list (aside from basic criteria); I block freely to curate my online space. However, please do not add me if you’re under 14, as I’m uncomfortable interacting with people that young.

“Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have exhumed, will march.” - Charles Fort

Who I'd like to meet:

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hubert breast

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hello your profile goes so hard

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THANK YOU :D yours does too!!!!

by rottie; ; Report


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hi rottie!!!! your page looks so awesome ^____^

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THANK YOU!!!! yours does too :D

by rottie; ; Report


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I HAVEN'T SEEN TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO ALSO LISTEN TO THE AQUABATS!! I grew up with them and their show and stuff and started listening to their music when I found out that hey they were
1. Not some feverdream I had as a kid and 2. A band- my favorite episode +/ album has to be the floating eye of death one! I rewatched that episode a lot as a kid

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WOAH ANOTHER AQUABATS FAN!!! :D yeah I don’t see too many people who listen to them either LOLOL…. it used to be my favorite show as a kid but i didn’t know they made music until a few years ago. I’m glad there are other people who watched the show though so i know it wasn’t just a crazy fever dream o_o

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Same with me!!

by FREDDIE!!; ; Report