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"I’m lost in space send help"

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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My current biggest interests are in bold/italics.

- Friday Night Funkin’

- Henry Stickmin

- Hollow Knight

- Roblox DOORS

- Dayshift at Freddy’s (FNAF in general as well)

- Splatoon

- A Hat in Time

- OneShot

- The Stanley Parable

- Just Shapes and Beats


- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Ace Attorney


- LongestSoloEver

- Aviators

- Creo

- Chipzel

- Video Game OSTs

- Really, any song I can relate to my interests will end up on my favorites list.


- Nobody (FNF: Cracked Catastrophe)

- Boyfriend (Friday Night Funkin’)

- Charles Calvin (Henry Stickmin)

- Henry Stickmin

- Seek (Roblox DOORS)

- Niko (OneShot)

- Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)

- Snatcher (A Hat in Time)

- Conductor (A Hat in Time)

- Sonic the Hedgehog


- Art! Digital art is my favorite medium, but I like dipping my toes in traditional, too.

- Writing

- Playing video games

- Baking


- Cracked Catastrophe

- Doki Doki Takeover! (+Bad End/Datastream)

- Ourple Guy

- Mario’s Madness

- Gorefield V2

- OneFunk

- Friday Night Crunchin'

- Spooky's Saturday Scare

- Funkin’ at Freddy’s


- My favorite season is fall!

- My favorite color is either yellow or purple.

- Beyond Seek, my favorite Entity in DOORS is Guiding Light, with Figure as a fairly close second.

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Ronnie's Blurbs

About me:

"The lights shall guide you."

Hey there! I'm Ronnie, but you can also call me Veronica, Vernie, or if you know me IRL you can call me Tristan. I'm 19, aro/ace, non-binary, and use he/she/they pronouns!

I am completely, 100% normal about video games, and absolutely 110% normal about my favorite games. I definitely will not go feral every time one of my favorites is mentioned, and will not cry if you say anything bad about them. /j

I’m also an artist! I mostly do digital art, but I do like playing around with traditional art every once in a while, too. I also picked up writing as a hobby again; I might share at some point. As you can probably guess though, pretty much all of it is fan content for my interests, heheh.

Please don't interact if you're like… over ten years older than me, I'd say? Beyond that, I just have your typical DNI: no homophobes or transphobes, no weirdos, stuff like that.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anybody with the same interests as me! Or anything close to them, honestly. I like to think I'm a fairly open person, plus I love finding new interests!

Also, if you know me IRL (or even think you know me), feel free to shoot me a friend request! I might decline it if I don't think I recognize you though, so be mindful of that.

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Really neat page!

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Red Broski

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Fellow Henry Stickmin enjoyer- AND Charles appreciator- ohh man, I can already feel the rambling spam DMs coming! Let's chat about it anytime!

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oh my god another stanley parable fan (real) !!! tysm for the add you’re so cool ♪( ´▽`)

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