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"Me when him!!!(diego R ilyy)"

im a cunt xx

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Things i like : Lemons. .the color yellow .Rob cantor .flowers .Horror movies .adult swim/cartoon network (yes the tv channel) .pbs (again,yes the tv channel) .2000's disney channel .2000's nick/nick jr .LOST MEDIA!! .DC related stuff πŸ‹β˜ŽοΈ 🌈🌴


.Lemon Demon / Neil cicierega .Tally Hall .Perfume (The Jpop group not actual perfume) .Twice .Will Wood .Rob Cantor (& yes i like his disney jr work too....Fight me abt it) .Edu / Andrew Horowitz .Joe Hawley (iI dont support him i just really love his work) .Miracle Musical .Weezer / Rivers Cuomo .Ayesha Er0tica .Azealia Banks .Taylor Swift .Tv girl .Yfm (your favorite martian) .Any total drama song .Luvwillow .kkbutterfly27xx .Dazey and the scouts .Current Joys .Jack Stauber / Jack Stauber's Micropop .Mac Demarco .The living tombstone .Rusty Cage .Nirvana .Chill aqua .Memo boy .Any south park song .Pequeno CidadΓ£o .MCR .Mitski .Radiohead .Tyler the creator .Casey shea


.Baseketball .all the sleepaway camp movies .all the saw movies .All the [β€’Rec] movies (block me if you think the english ver ,quarantine is good.) .the human centipede .THE SHINING!!! .i havent seen it yet but ik the upcoming fnaf movie is gonna b fye .all the south park specials +the movieAll the final destination movies!!!


shows i leik: .total drama .morel orel .south park .6teen .tally halls internet show (im still editing this so uhm yuh)


Doawk, dog man ,WAYSIDE!!!! ,the Mysterious Benedict society & all the fnaf books babyy!!!


I like dont have any heroes so like heres Video gamez i leik!!!!!1!!: .ROBLOX(ROBLOX USER:luckylucysback DISPLAY NAME:robcantorfangirl) .MOVIE STAR PLANET!!!!(MSP USER:XxScenexQueenzxX) .POU .GEOMETRY DASH .ANY NINTENDO GAMEIDJF .COD .that one online total drama game on roblox .(*the rest of this was just gonna b a bunch of slurs but like the rules on here say no hateful speech so like yaaa*)

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Hihi Im Danny-Lauren / Lindsay / Danika .Im schizophrenic & autistic .(πŸŒˆβ™ΎοΈ /πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹/🌈πŸ’₯) .Im a bundle of sticks who has a hyperfixation on lemons and color yellow .Im a scene kid/gyaru .Im genderfluid polysexual aroace AND FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL .Pronouns ,Any .My age is somewhere in the numbers 9-16,,,No bbg i aint giving it away xx

Who I'd like to meet:

Other cunt F*GGOTS WHO LIKE TALLY HALL ,TOTAL DRAMA AND LEMON DEMON πŸ‹β˜ŽοΈ 🌈🌴 Please only friend me if your 10-16 years of age...I dont need fucking pedophiles in my chats

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