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This blog talks about plurality!



This system has also gone by: Team Juice, Big System, Sodapop sys



We made this blog as a way to be open about our plurality, and introduce other systems and even singlets to radical plurality. We're here, we are many, you cannot define us.



-Systems are more likely to be victims of violence than to perpetrate it.


-Not all systems experience black-out amnesia! Emotional amnesia (An emotional disconnect from events) is far more common.


-Not all systems experience psychosis, but psychosis symptoms are fairly common in systems (Delusions, hallucinations, doubting your own experiences, memory loss).



Nope! At it's core, being a system is a separation of identity between members, or simply multiple entities in one body. Often, members of a system will have a fully fleshed out sense of self --separate to what people perceive as the host-- and can be completely aware of this fact and fine with it. You may meet a system who has never had any distress or delusions about their system or who they are, and they might be perfectly happy this way! There are many ways to be a system, and limiting the idea of plurality to only mental illness can be harmful to a system's sense of identity and how we view ourselves as a community.



Fuck the psychiatry system. How we define ourselves is on our terms.

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About me:

Hi!! we are a polyfragmented system of ~300 known members. Do not use the term "alters" to describe any of us without our consent.

Gonna be using this a lot to post cool funny quotes for friends of the system and some more funny little updates that fit better here than on individual spaces. There will also be some more informative type posts, so tune in for more :0





Who I'd like to meet:

Other plurals and those interested in radical plurality!! If you are looking to debate who "plural" includes, we are not interested.


What is Plurality?

Plurality is the phenomenon of multiple entities in one body! Here are some of my favorite links that explain it:

Quick n' Dirty Plural History

A Partial History of Plural Self Advocacy

The Plural Playbook (Navigating plurality in the workspace, written by a plural Google employee)

Plurality Hub

Healthy Multiplicity

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