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21/Male/AL, US. All around jam up guy. :^)

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Anime ✵ Manga ✵ Lost Media ✵ Trying new food ✵ Tea ✵ Exploration ✵ Plants


Bands: The Chameleons ✵ The Rippingtons ✵ Carpenter Brut ✵ Blutengel ✵ Aphex Twin ✵ Boards of Canada ✵ Sisters of Mercy ✵ Lustre ✵ Ulver ✵ Mari Boine ✵ Gorillaz ✵ The Protomen ✵ Sun Kil Moon ✵ Brothertiger ✵ Hedge Wizard ✵ Depressive Silence ✵ Sophya ✵ Sad Lovers & Giants ✵ The Mission ✵ Toro E Moi ✵ David Sylvian ✵ Nujabes ✵ Autumn Tears ✵ Dancing Fantasy ✵✵✵✵✵✵✵✵✵✵ Genres: Gothic Rock ✵ Etherealwave ✵ Ambient ✵ Atmospheric Black Metal ✵ Alternative Rock ✵ EDM ✵ IDM ✵ Math Rock ✵ Jazz fusion ✵ Vaporwave


The Goonies ✵ Eraserhead ✵ Edward Scissorhands ✵ Home Alone ✵ Spiderman 2 ✵ Spiderman 3 ✵ Poltergeist ✵ Tetsuo the Iron Man ✵ Batman Returns ✵ James & The Giant Peach ✵ Polar Express ✵ Donnie Darko ✵ Requiem for a Dream ✵ Budapest Grand Hotel ✵ Watership Down ✵ Taxiderma ✵ Martyrs (2009) ✵ Robocop (Original) ✵ The Truman Show ✵ The Machinist ✵ Whiplash ✵ Black Swan ✵ The Crow (1994)


Anime: One Piece ✵ Pandora Hearts ✵ Fire Force ✵ Soul Eater ✵ Tokyo Ghoul ✵ Azumanga Daioh ✵ Nichijou ✵ Aho Girl ✵ Ranking of Kings ✵ Slayers ✵ Record of Lodoss War (OVAs) ✵ Evangelion✵ Haibane Renmei Cartoons: Undergrads ✵ Courage the Cowardly Dog ✵ Ren and Stimpy ✵ Dinosaurs (Live action but whatever-) ✵ Billy and Mandy


Fahrenheit 451 ✵ 1984 ✵ Animal Farm ✵ The Kybalion ✵ The Whitehouse Boys ✵ Pilgrim's Progress Manga: 20th Century Boys ✵ Billy Bat ✵ Pluto ✵ Gachiakuta ✵ Asper Girl ✵ Chi no Wadachi ✵ Strongest Man Kurosawa ✵ Gambling Emperor Zero ✵ Kaiji


Simo Hayha ✵ Sky King ✵ Don Alejo Garza Tamez

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About me:

I HAVE RETURNED! Sorry for the abrupt leaving. Mental health called. You can call me Retro. I'm just some gen Z guy browsing the web, looking for new friends, and more kindred spirits to reach out to and chill with. I'm always open to meeting new people, and would love to get to know you. ^^

Who I'd like to meet:

Richard D. James, a good chunk of the current monarchs in the world!

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Knightess Antares ⚔️

Knightess Antares ⚔️'s profile picture

Hey, thank you for the add. Apologies for taking so long to respond, life has kept me preoccupied. But you seem cool, it's pretty refreshing to come across someone on this site who is an anime fan and not a teenager, ha. :D Hello! ^_^

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Wacky Alex

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We've added summer tracks!
Take us with you!



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Thanks for the request!

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Of course! Anytime! :))

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report

Lame Genie - Video Game Music

Lame Genie - Video Game M...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add back, hope you enjoy our tunes!☺🎶

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thanks for the add! hope we can be friends (❀❛ ֊ ❛„)♡

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.。*♡EmoWaifu꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡'s profile picture

Thnks 4 da Add!!!! \(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬

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Helloooo where have you been?? I hope you are ok!

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I am doing better! Came back after a mental health episode! ^^

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thanks so much, i love yours!

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bj 's profile picture

your hair is so nice!! :3

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Dkidrkfm THANK YOU

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report


Miranda's profile picture

hi, ty for accepting! hope you're feeling better now

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kev_from_work's profile picture

heyo thanks for the add 🤙🏻 i’d love to swap manga recs if you’re down! i’m looking for people to get hyped with me for this year’s anime lol

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this girl

this girl's profile picture

thanks for the add:) how you doing???

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Of course! Good! Yourself? ^^

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report

also doing good thanks:)
i like ur hairrr btw, curly hair gangg

by this girl; ; Report

Hell yeah
The best hair there issss

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report


Flea's profile picture

Thank you for the add back :> you seem really really cool !!!!

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Thank you for the add back :> you seem really really cool !!!!

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hello fellow david sylvian enjoyer 🤌🤌

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Sick taste

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report

Christina Jackson

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Thanks for adding me dont be stranger to hit me up

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Thanks for the add, man! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

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brookiecookie's profile picture

welcome back!! and tysm for adding me! you seem cool af! 💖

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Says you!!! Thank you!

by ✵Retro✵; ; Report