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> kandi, graffiti (kind of), programming, perler making, and writing!
> (also im gonna put games i like here because no games thing)
> the stanley parable, roblox, splatoon 1 and 2, cult of the lamb, animal crossing, cooking simulator, wobbledogs, wii sports, nintendo land, daikon set, cubeshift, hue, omori, doki doki literature club, and cats are liquid!


> the pingry ep - tally hall, marvins marvelous mechanical museum - tally hall, good and evil - tally hall, complete demos + admittedly incomplete demos - tally hall, hawaii part ii - miracle musical, not a trampoline - rob cantor, joe hawley joe hawley - joe hawley, dinosaurchestra - lemon demon, haunted candle shop - lemon demon, spirit phone - lemon demon, hip to the javabean - lemon demon, undertale ost - toby fox, thanks to you song that i don't understand how people like it i'm forced to listen to this s​*​*​t everyday cause my f​*​*​*​ing sister plays this every time without getting bored of listening to it thanks ghost for this piece of s​*​*​t you introduced into my life - ghost & pals


> i dunno what to put here, the last time i watched a movie was when i was a child so i dont remember a whole lot of movies-


> gravity falls, the owl house, amphibia, the amazing digital circus, murder drones, invader zim, steven universe, steven universe future, star vs the forces of evil, and infinity train!


> marcy's journal: a guide to amphibia, journal 3, and star vs the forces of evil: the magic book of spells



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About me:

> hellooo!
> my name is kade, i am a trans ftm software and web developer! i like the old web, and researching stuff like malware from the 2000s-2010s era (js.spacehero, youareanidiot, etc)!
> (test)

Who I'd like to meet:

> generally more alt kids/scene kids, people who like programming, and just ppl who have the same interests as i do!

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