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istp, chinese, minor (under 16)

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Dantendo 20/03 11:11

games : doom : my house.wad, no one lives under the lighthouse, zeekerss games, mike klubnika games, iron lung, scavenger sv4, racheldrawsthis games, detroit become human, friday night funkin (SUCK MY DECK IDC), thats not my neighbour, zenless zone zero :3, fatal frame, borderlands up til 3, roblox smtimes, pony island lowkey, alien isolation, overwatch 2 (genji main <3), cruelty squad, hades, monster prom : 1,2,3 , dead or alive (I just like the fighting) I am 28% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!


tyler the creator, flo, mac demarco, tame impala, odetari, pinkpantheress, wavetoearth, kanye (like older music only), miy_yuu♡, bebe yana, tvxq, nomad (kpop), nct, fromis_9, aespa, loona, kiss of life, exo


jujutsu kaisen 0, spiderman across the spiderverse, parasite, one piece film : red, hikari be my light, all about lily chou chou, barbie, monster (2023), asteroid city, liverleaf, the platform


saiko the large family (all 3 films), weak hero class 1, sweet home, zankyou no terror, gemini home entertainment, alice in borderland, zom100, link click / shiguang dai li ren, mairimashita iruma kun, to your eternity, serial experiments lain, the amazing world of gumball, devilman crybaby, alien stage, death note, the amazing digital circus. youtubers/streamers : courtreezy, the groupchat (isaacwhy gang), markiplier, the right opinion :3, danny gonzalez, big joel, ajanugu, sphrism, nctiddy, taejiu, just stop, cartoonshi, self deficient, vivinos, boxbox, necros, bogur


manga + manhwa + whatever: the summer hikaru d!ed, blue lock, gachiakuta, all tomorrows (book), the giver (book. movie sucks azz), period (oneshot), oyasumi punpun, evangelion, ranfren, tokyo aliens, weak hero, gesshoku kitan, at the end of the road, lost in the clouds, pearl boy, low tide in twilight, the origin of species (manhwa), stranger by the shore


ren mokumoku, nana825763, kim jaejoong, miyashita yuu / miy_yuu, avogado6, yuzuru hanyu

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cat kittycat
this user will never find their name on a keychain... most of the things i say are very unserious and are jokes. hi call me ren or chloe or nini, girl :3 she/her! the internet raise me n im mentally online all the time. i happen to like a lot of horror things n my fav character of all time is yoshiki from the summer hikaru died! my discord is renvcr but like u gotta be open to talkin a lawt ;-; Which Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Model Are You?
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just built different ️‍️‍️‍ profile on fleeek

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nahh sht thanks!!

by nini; ; Report


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such a cool layout oml

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nahh thxx!!! your profile is sick asf too

by nini; ; Report


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holy crap, dude!

your profile is sick af!

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nah sht thanks!!! your profile is also sick asf

by nini; ; Report

diva!! ♡

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miyashita yuu fan spotted ❗️❗️

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🗣🗣 !!!

by nini; ; Report

have you heard his new album ,,its amazing

by diva!! ♡; ; Report

YEESSSS ITS SO GOOOD. i love his voice omg

by nini; ; Report

HIS VOICE IS SO MAJESTIC hearing the new song tracks made me levitate

by diva!! ♡; ; Report


by nini; ; Report