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Morturary science, psychology, natural disasters, plane crashes, pokemon, stuff like that lol. (i dont want to make light of the victims and impact of things like natural disasters, plane crashes, or historical events that i am interested in, i simply enjoy learning about them pls dont kill me lol)


utaites! (mafumafu, takayan, kenshi yonezu and ado are my favourite utaites but i like them all!! :D) I also like jpop artists such as Vaundy. project sekai, vocaloid (kagamine len and vflower are probably my favourite vocaloids lol) and other jpop/jrock artists! ||| My favourite songs are: 踊り子(Odoriko)-Vaundy, Mango from the wrist-Takayan, Close to you-niki,cillia,Vflower ベルセルク(Berserk)-Mafumafu, お勉強しといてよ(Obenkyou Shitoiteyo)-Zutomayo, うっせぇわ(Usseewa)-Ado and 威風堂々(Ifuudoudou)-Umetora(lol funny song), 五月は花緑青の窓辺から(Gogatsu wa hanarokushou no madobe kara)-Yorushika,ダーリン(Darling)-Keina Suda, Bug-Kairikibear (this is in no particular order and im well aware its alot im just very into music and i NEED someone or someway to talk about it lmao)




Anime! Im really into JJK, TBHK, Death note (which is my favourite) Chainsaw Man, Danganronpa, Pokemon and MHA (dw im not apart of the fandom lmao)


Manga, I really like the Pokemon mangas lol



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About me:

Hey im ren! im 13 and from canada! im learning japanese and im autistic. i cant spell that well, so bare with me lol. ig thats all that really stands out about me! ntmy :D (also i AINT a len x rin shipper my name just so happens to be ren and i like len kagamine lmao) BY THE WAY!! I CANNOT CONFRONT YOU ABOUT IF I WANT TO DO SOMETHING OR NOT. IF I START TO NOT REPLY TO YOU OR I SAY SOMETHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY GET OUT OF THAT THING, I AM TRYING TO CONVEY MY NEEDS IN THE ONLY WAY IK HOW ||| DNI: disorder fakers, racists, has any sort of unjustified prejudice at all (like towards white people, people with disorders, ect) homophobes, transphobes, ableists, proshippers, dsmp stans, ect. ||| BYI: DONT VENT TO ME. i dont do vents well. im unsure how to proccess empathy and i have a lack of it and i will not be of help. it bugs me when people do so because my brain sees trauma as a compitition, i am trying to get better, but it takes time. i like to talk about my interests alot lol. i might reply slowly, but that dosnt mean im ignoring you, im just slow lmao i also make nsfw jokes and swear like its the only thing i know how to say, if you dont like that i suggest not talking to me lol

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more people who are into project sekai, vocaloid, morturary science, utaites, anything like that and much more! im open to anything! :D

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