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"the stock market crash of 1929!"

final fantasy owns my soul

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i'm really into visual kei as i mentioned before! music is my life, i like 90s visual kei bands a lot, i dont actually like a lot of modern vkei bands ): i love plastic tree, it honestly feels like its entire own mood at times. i love hello kitty so much, i have SO much hello kitty stuff including a hello kitty phone case. i love video games, my top favorite games are majora's mask, ff7, and donkey kong country 2. i could talk about ff7 for HOURS, i'm a bit excessive when it comes to shipping and i'm unhealthily obsessed with vincent valentine <3 i also love ff8 and i’m obsessed with laguna loire my beloved <3 i absolutely love my little pony and i also love the powerpuff girls. i just like cartoons in general although i think it's purely out of nostalgia, since all of the cartoons i like just happen to be ones i watched as a kid lol. i used to have more hobbies, but i'm really lazy so i don't do them as much anymore.... i sometimes write fanfiction (it's so hard though, with no inspiration, motivation, will, will to live, whatsoever,) and i'd say i'm pretty damn good at art :D


type o negative, plastic tree, buck-tick, smashing pumpkins, ayaka, malice mizer, my bloody valentine, hide with spread beaver, stereopony, the cranberries, siouxsie and the banshees, dir en grey, rosenfeld, the gazette, the 69 eyes, dead end, versailles, wisp, faye wong, alice in chains, tuki, sid, luna sea, moonspell, zilch, versailles, dadaroma, mejibray, nirvana, x japan, tommy heavenly6, nightmare, mucc,


interview with the vampire, equestria girls movies, scream, se7en, the ring (+ ringu), mulan, dark water (the jp one), fight club, ffvii advent children, terminator 2, requiem for a dream


fav shows: mlp, powerpuff girls, regular show, death note, the simpsons, gravity falls, no.6, whatever


the vampire chronicles series, the mayfair witches series, a lot of manga


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hey! i'm a girl called yiyi. my birthday is may 4th, and my blood type is b+. i'm a kemetic pagan and devote of bast and anpu. i also REALLY love cats, they're the cutest, sweetest thing in the world (whether they'd like for you to think so or not, even lions are just cute little baby kitties.) as for music, i love shoegaze, alt rock, dream pop, jpop and c-pop (i have to lol..) i love visual kei. i've been heavily into that since i was ten years old and i'm especially into 90's vkei. i love plastic tree, i've always admired ryutaro arimura. for a point in my life when i was about 10-11 i genuinely wanted to be him, for some reason. i had hair like his! i guess i still sort of do.  i absolutely love sanrio and hello kitty is one of my favorite things ever. my languages are english and japanese.. i speak a little mandarin and cantonese, but i'm pretty bad at it (sorry grandma.) i'm mainly a guitarist, but i can also play bass, drums, piano, and ocarina because i'm a zelda nerd lmao. for guitars i have a standard dark red jackson and a yellow burny mockingbird with red hearts, hide siggy <3333 my bass is a black bc rich warlock, not sure how i ended up with it but it's cool lol. :D

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vkei fans, final fantasy fans 

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aster —☆

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IM SOOO LATE TO COMMENT i was offline for literal AGESSSS LMAO

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THANK YOU SO MUCH and no worries im late to reply!! lol

by yiyi; ; Report


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awesome profile!
thanks for adding me ^^

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i HAVE to add someone every time i see a plastic tree fan lmao. such good taste omg

by yiyi; ; Report

thank you so much!

by tanbikei; ; Report


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FUCK YEAAAAAHHH thats why i added u ^o^ i loveeee the die pfp, i think he's so beautiful <3
and your taste is so good cause x japan is one of the best fucking bands ever :D

by yiyi; ; Report


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thx for the add :)

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np! u seem kewl!! :D

by yiyi; ; Report

tysm so do u!!

by Hera; ; Report


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Awesome profile!

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thank u!!! :P

by yiyi; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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no problem man! ur profile iz kewl af man :P

by yiyi; ; Report