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rio ~ 2003 ~ they/him

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☆ Illustration
☆ Original characters/ocs
☆ Video games
☆ Alt fashion
☆ Retro computer viruses


☆ Rock
☆ Vocaloid
☆ Electionic
☆ RnB
☆ Jazz

I enjoy the majority of subgenres for those!

Nashimoto-P = ♡♡♡


☆ Touhou
☆ Splatoon
☆ Kirby
☆ Puyo Puyo
☆ Deltarune
☆ Project Diva
☆ Fire Emblem
☆ Muse Dash
☆ Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea


☆ Promare
☆ Owl House
☆ Panty and Stocking
☆ Mob Psycho 100
☆ Princess Tutu


☆ Sailor Moon
☆ Chainsaw Man
☆ Hanako-Kun
☆ Madoka Magica spinoffs
☆ Dragon Maid
☆ Land of the Lustrous
☆ Witch Hat Atellier
☆ Pony Metal U-Gaim


☆ Listening to music
☆ Drawing
☆ Writing
☆ Reading books & comics
☆ Gaming
☆ Hiking
☆ Making characters & universes

Trying to get into 3D art and coding!! Tiny Bunny

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About me:


☆ Name: Rio

☆ Pronouns: they/him

☆ Age: born at the start of 2003, do the math ♡

☆ Gender: one of them queers

☆ Sexuality: woman enjoyer

Who I'd like to meet:

☆ Artists

☆ people who like stuff that's similar to what I like

☆ people who create/hoard OCs and brainrot over them.

I'm uncomfortable DMing people who are 3+ years younger than me or 10+ years older than me.

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how did u get music to play on ur page?!?!?!?!

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grrrr even if I add the comment tag it won’t let me comment the code
here’s a link to copy what I used

by ratscallion; ; Report

ty!! praying it works on my page lmao

by DUFFLE; ; Report


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ty for the add!! ur layouts sick asf

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tysm! as is urs!

by ratscallion; ; Report


remmie's profile picture

ty for the add !

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Saw your forum comment on that emotivehc kid, thought it was funny af. We need more people like you lmao. Ty for the add back! Also, vocaloid ftw

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vocaloid ftw!!! :D

by ratscallion; ; Report


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hey there!! so cool to see someone else going into the film/animation field :) maybe this is too hard of a question But... do u have a favorite oc

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the answer 2 that changes so often fjfnkdnd—

previously it was an alien knight oc of mine who worked for the king of death, rn my favourite is the protagonist of that story who’s just. a boring human who wants to fix everything and goes thru a self-destruction arc cjfjndkd

Do u?? What’re ur ocs typically like? :0c

by ratscallion; ; Report

thats so cool!! i love the idea of the alien knight, seeing people's different manifestations of death in stories is awesome... and 3 the protag... wishing them the best...

idk if i have a favorite, but my main oc story right now is based on a series of dreams i had where some normal sleepy guy gets sent into a world full of angel politics and drama lol. he pretends to be one to fit in and is searching for this werewolf guy who he's seen in his dreams but can never remember the face of

by miko; ; Report

oooo thatz so kewl!! i love angel-themed thingz!! what doez the werewolf do?

by ratscallion; ; Report

actually, maybe i should dm u if thats ok?

by ratscallion; ; Report

yeah absolutely!!

by miko; ; Report


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eebus dweebus

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