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"postal enthusiast"

i do stupid shit || He/Him || Age:18 || :)

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I like to play guitar and bass, draw, play POSTAL and make layouts!


Music: I like the metal genre, rock, indie, emo, punk, and most things except modern country/pop.


Fav Movies: Coraline, 9, the SAW series, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Shining, Childs Play, Paranorman, and The Matrix series


Fav Tv Shows: METALOCALYPSE, total drama island, slugterra, any old shows in the early 2000's on boomerang, cartoon network, nickelodeon, and adult swim ong.


Books: The adventures of fanboy and goth girl, anything written by Mary Downing Hann, The Conquest of Bread, and hopefully some more


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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

-17 YR OLDS DNI [it makes me feel uncomfortable yk]

I am just a guy trying to help bring back the old web and make art.

Thanks for reading!(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

◀▶If I see [any] discrimination, hate, racism, or prejudice on my page you will be blocked and removed.◀▶

▣My profile is a [safe space] for systems, POC, LGBT+, and nerodivergent people.▣


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thanks! i did it myself! if u want me to make u one like it dm me! also i would add u on steam but im waiting fr games to go on sale and buy them so rn my acc is limited (o′┏▽┓`o)

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

I would LOVE for you to add me on steam!! I hate that steam limits accounts v⌓v

by P45510N; ; Report

Lyn XD

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That explosion scared the shit out of me

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hah, sorry lmao, its cool asf tho

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Your page looks super cool :0

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thank you sm !

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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hey hey hey ! weve been friends on here for a while, but i havent been active for ages ! but now i am ! hello ! i hope we can maybe be friends ! ur very cool !

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thankyou! i just got back to being active again aswell lmao -^-

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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hey, you said you were open to questions?
do you mind explaining "pagan" to me?
if you don't want to darling it's completely fine I don't mind it just sounds interesting to me that's all

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pagan is basically spiritual beliefs before the time of christianity, wiccan, norse ect, all pagan

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

woooooooo sounds cool ima look into that :)

by stormy; ; Report


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hello you seem very cool i hope that u have a great day

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yes, thankyou, ballz indeed

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

b a l l z

by stormy; ; Report

hey, lonely planet

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HI! Thanks for adding! We make music that we think maybe u might be into based on your pages vibe! if u could check us out we’d rly appreciate it cause we got loads of new stuff coming! Sry for this annoying self promo lol

Our Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5aiZVDnG9CZNhLj4VwjEN6?si=NohviihmQaSf3_i4qH5NoA

our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-gOgK2BySOQCn9fN4MX_Mn8y_cm5HV0E

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sickkkkkk :)))

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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i LOVE your profile its sooo cool!!!

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thank you! i make layouts, this one was just swapping the pics from my weirdcore shrooms layout, check them out sometime!

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

nice! i will :))

by Snugs23; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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Wacky Alex

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Happy Halloween!

If you like Halloween Music, tune in to my channel. FunHouseRadio.com Muhhahahaha!

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willl dooo

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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ayy tysm for the add! ur page is really cool!!

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by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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Thanks so much for the add! You're so cool! :)

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ur cool too !!!!

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

ur cool too !!!!

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report


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thanks for the add you seem dope asf

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same too you (⌐■_■)

by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report

sarah ♡

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thanks for adding! ♡

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by ⁅sock⁆; ; Report