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so chill you wont believe it is sooo chill here its nice n chill

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i like fashion and lemon cake :3


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name + color scheme go hard fr

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OH WOA HO-- im not the only one whose name + color scheme go hard B)
-i like the pastels you use!! they're not too bright that it sears my retinas but they're still bright enough to be happy yaknow??
-also I saw you like MGMT.. my brother likes to remind me everyday that he looks like the lead singer andrew vanWyngarden
-i also am a dedicated spongebob watcher --you already know i had to rewatch the christmas episode multiple times during december
-favorite cheezit flavor?? i had an addiction to the hot and spicy ones not too long ago --hmm maybe i should fall back into it.. there's worse addictions out there.. right?!

by ranchsoup; ; Report

ohoho thank you...

tell your brother that his resemblance means nothing unless he can whip out bangers like them too. and hell YEAH spongebob stans rise up !

i had a terrible addiction to the sharp cheddar and parmesan cheezits for a couple years.. might be time to end my sobriety too.

also its funny, i would in fact like to meet 500 thousand dollars as well !! heard hes a really nice guy.

by crelish; ; Report

-unfortunately my brother is not musically inclined so he wont be able to whip out bangers like MGMT.. but he will be able to lip sync and perform as a tribute to them when they eventually disband --it will be like they never retired :D
-excellent cheez it flavor choice. how could i have forgotten about the sharp cheddar and parmesan one.. when the weather clears up here i will for sure go get some
-i have a box of the extra toasty cheez its in my cabinet so those will have to hold me over until then --like its war rations
-one day when i meet 500 thousand dollars i will tell you all about how much of a silly goose he is and maybe he would want to meet you as well :P

by ranchsoup; ; Report


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Ohmigoshh! I <3 your layout!! And is that eden playing in the background?? Oh and can you pls tell me how you did the playlist thingy for your music table?? I've been meaning to do that but i cant seem to figure it out xd

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-thankyah i like the vibe of your profile as well <33
-yea its EDEN !! its a snippet of like 50 seconds into "reaching 2" off his latest album :P i actually just saw him in concert the other week --it was such a good performance i might have to pay for a plane ticket so i can relive it all over again before the tour is over :'>
-i can message you instructions and the working code for the playlists if youd like.. id rather not have a whole bunch of ugly code on my profile landing page LOL --ive seen people use spotify playlists but i didnt wanna litter my spotify account with multiple playlists for this site so i made them on youtube
-lmk if you'd like the code if you wanna do the youtube playlists :>

by ranchsoup; ; Report

YOU WENT TO THE CONCERT??? WOWOWOWOWOOWWO im waaayyy to far from him to visit ;-; and yes please! thatd be so cool nveiosnvnes

by K0R3LL3; ; Report

-YEAH!! he's on his world tour for his new album ICYMI!! he's in america right now but he will be in other countries starting the third week of february :3
-ill send over the code right now !!

by ranchsoup; ; Report

❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞

❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞'s profile picture

hihi omg tyty for the add!!! I luv ur layout, its so cool!!! ><

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hellos tiv :>
-thankyouu im actually still in the process of making my profile but im glad you like it so far!!
-PoPiPo is a classic im so happy that i was able to listen to it while i was reading your profile ^.^ also wowow we have alot of favorited animes in common :o
-YEES koe no katachi is also my alltime favorite movie !! i actually was able to go see it play in theaters and lemme tell you.. i was internally crying before the movie even started playing lulz
-snow white with the red hair has always been one of my comfort shows,, i plan on owning all the manga one day when i have the funds to do so :P
-vanitas no karte was so good and for WHAT. they need to confirm a third season already since theres enough manga material to work off of
-sasaki to miyano was so heartwarming aa i need to rewatch it soon
-im actually in the middle of watching higurashi but so far im enjoying it!!

by ranchsoup; ; Report

ur profile is rlly rlly cool!! it reminds me of cybercore yk? PoPiPo remains in my heart forever <3
Silent voice has always made me cry, I don't think there's been a time where I've watched it and not had a tear stream down my face...also Snow with with the red hair is soooo underrated!!!! I cant believe a lot of people dont know about it :(
Vanitas no Carte made me cry only cuz I kept getting flashbacks of vanitas literally getting shocked- Sasaki to Miyano made me shed tears of happiness <33
also when they cry is so good!! although the remake isnt worth the watch cuz it doesn't tie in with the main plot jesus >:(
(can u tell im emotional when it comes to animes? ehehe-)

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

-i get what you mean with the cybercore --personally it reminds me of something along the lines of retro interface text?? i forgot the word im looking for but that description is good enough hopefully
-so true.. and the silent voice manga needs to start being manufactured as waterproof so we all wont ruin the pages when reading gah!
-isnt snow with with the red hair in the top 300 for popularity?? i feel like thats pretty decent considering its a summer 2015 and was competing with other new airing shows like overlord, gangsta., charlotte, umaru-chan, dbz, etc.. but i agree that it should stay near the top for sure ^.^
-i FOR REAL need to find the time to sit down and finish when they cry --ive been putting it off for too long i think this is the wake up call i needed to finish it !!
-i feel you i get attached to alot of animes too!! especially ones with really cool world building that i can tunnel focus and research on for hours after watching a show

by ranchsoup; ; Report

perhaps glitchy is right...I remember I once spilled coffee on the silent voice manga so i had to get a whole new one omg-
I haven't met many fans for snow white with the red hair!!! ur one of the many few on here that i've met so far sigh...(also I literally cried 3 times when watching charlotte, i think its my new fav)
Yesyes!! finish when they cry cuz the end result Is shocking omg!! (from what I remember, havent watched it after the remake)
I love hour long animes that I can binge watch without a care in the world <33 charlotte, HxH, and a whisker away are some good examples!!! but I'm a sucker for reincarnation tho, it has my heart wrapped around its finger >.>

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

-maybe glitchy.. but i feel like the text would have to move or jump to be considered glitch ?? i could be wrong though
-aah the coffee spills! maybe should start drinking things out of one of those bottles that have a straw built into the cap to prevent future manga murders T^T please please keep your new copy FAR AWAY from any coffee cups
-oh am i really? :o which characters did you like best from snow white with the red hair ? prince raji had the same va as death the kid so even though he was the villain i still sort of enjoyed his character.. my favorite from the series is probably obi or zen.. i was never able to decide which one i liked better IM TOO INDECISIVE :'<
-im kinda scared to rewatch charlotte again.. it had such a good plot but the only thing i would change is the pacing --it started off super slow then felt rushed when they revealed yuu's actual power.. also is it weird that i wish we could have seen him descend into madness longer?? i feel like that is such a big turning point in the show but it was so rushed in the anime to a few minute long snippets
-i will move when they cry to the top of my list after i finish rewatching kaguyasama --i am seeing the movie in theaters on valentines day and need a refresh lol
-is there a specific reincarnation show you enjoy or are you just an isekai fan in general.. i am isekai trash myself LOL theyre all just copies of one another for the most part but i just cant get enough of them !! theres just something comforting about someone getting a second chance to prove themselves or get placed in a world where the fit in/feel accepted

by ranchsoup; ; Report

perhaps but it depends on what kinda glitch yk! now I have a very pretty (but safe) coffee cup so I don't spill it on ANY new mangas I get >:D
I liked seeing prince raj's development throughout the series but I'd have to say my fave would be obi cuz...reasons i'm too lazy to list <3 (I'm also indecisive too eheh-)
OMG agreeable statement cuz I wanted to see Yuu fall more into madness after losing his sister, figuring out his actual power, etc. I feel like after we knew his true power everything just started being rushed...when they cry is rlly rlly good but the remake...oh boy- also I'm pretty sure I finished love is war, I just don't have time to rewatch it again
I think my fave isekai so far would have to be Tensura and Mairimashita iruma-kun (does that even count-) I'm a huge isekai nerd but I used to watch old animes based on that genre, now I'm getting into the more popular ones cuz why not? -w-
tbh I think I just love seeing MCs who thought they never belonged or had a good life and then something tragic happens, causing them to go to another world <33

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

-i loved seeing prince raj's character development throughout the series as well!! he was super entertaining when we got to know him and see him interact with his siblings too >.< aa so wholesome having them run around the castle
-yeaah! obi is getting the fanbase he deserves.. one of my favorite tropes is the distant and reserved character who is loyal to their friends. it took him some time to actually become friends with everyone though but id like to think that the slow burn was perfect for him „>ᴗ<„
-i so agree with the charlotte thing.. i think they could have easily made the series 24 episodes instead of 13 episodes plus a side story! --it would give us more time to watch Yuu's fall and maybe even elaborate on his reunion with nao.. especially since we didnt get to see their relationship at all when he returned T^T
-im on the last couple episodes of season 2 for rewatching love is war so i think ill be able to finish it in time to watch it in theaters hehe :3
-i havnt watched Mairimashita iruma-kun yet but from what ive seen on social media i would count it as an isekai
-AA Tensura is such a good isekai plus i havnt met a person yet that doesnt think rimuru is the cutest little slime
-i think the last isekai i watched was the great jahy will not be defeated! but i think i plan on watching uncle from another world next!!
-i feel like im behind on watching the more popular ones as well.. i still havnt finished dr. stone T^T

by ranchsoup; ; Report

his siblings are sooo cuteee!! I feel like obi shouldve gotten his fanbase a while ago, considering there arent many fans of swwtrh. I mean we got to see a bit of his relationship with nao at the end when he forgot everything (which made me bawl my eyes out) but i feel wrong for saying i wanted to see him go crazy for a bit longer ehehe-
love is war is so good, I love chika esp with her cute little bow in her hair ><
I remember watching Iruma-kun i just dont think i finished it, same with Tensura as well (also yes, rimuru is a cute slime) I don't blame u for not finishing dr. stone, I haven't either TnT
I think the last isekai i left off on was Devil is a part-timer yet even then i never finished it (i think i did, idk-) I just dont have enough time to watch it qwq

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report


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HIII hello im a big fan of ur music taste!!!!

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-thankss yours is very glitchtastic B)
-i also am a fan of SEBii!! i think my most played tracks are POSErr, BONErr, and PIKACHuu LOL i wasnt much of a fan of his recent album but i did like the last 3 tracks on it
-in december i started listening to ericdoa and like fantasize and fool4love.. do you have any recommendations for similar songs??
-also,, my condolences for Calculus 8th Edition by James Stewart

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:OO YAYAY I LOVE SEBII!! Those are some GREAT CHOICES for favs! I personally wasn't the biggest fan of his most recent album either but i think his whole color theme thing that he's got going on is RAD!! I saw him live last month and he was SO GREAT!!!
OOOH YES I LOVE FANTASIZE AND FOOL4 LOVE!! I think you might also like fly on the wall by funeral, bad bitch shit by vaeo, or popstar by internet girl!!!
thank you for your condolences :(( i think i'll be using the same book next semester so at LEAST i don't have to read something new B)

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-i didnt know SEBii was touring aah i missed it >:o --im a huge concert junkie so i would have considered flying to see him if it wasnt too ludicrous of a plane fair
-i think SEBii is deep into graphic design i remember a few months back or so he also designed a shampoo bottle LOL but yea he definitely knows what hes doing with the album cover colorways
-i really enjoyed bad bitch shit by vaeo!! theres so much personality going on in that song its a fun listen,, thankyou for the recommendation i will add it to my spotify :D
-PAIN any math is immediate headaches-- im lucky i never had to take calculus when i was in highschool and im THANKING GOD that i dont have to take anymore math classes ever again since i finished my general edu classes for college last year

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I don't know if it was a tour but when i saw him it was at this festival type thing called subculture party!! if he goes on his own tour i will DEFINITELY be seeing him again!!
i never knew that he was super into graphic design! that is SO COOL!!!! Is it the same shampoo bottle that is on the cover of vvblue? i have SO much more respect for him now
YAY IM GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! i love vaeo so much so i HIGHLY recommend listening to their other stuff!
PHEW i'm glad you've been SPARED from the grasps of math!! I'm majoring in stats so i've definitely got some more ahead of me but i'm HOPING it will at least be fun. What's your major??

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your profile is so cool!!!! you have great tastes in music :P

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-thankyouu! i like yours too :P
-do you have any fusion jazz recomendations?? ive been wanting to get into that
-i remember watching ikebukuro west gate park when it was airing but i didnt get very far in it unfortunately lulz,, maybe i should pick it up again? the feel of the show did remind me of hakata tonkotsu ramens, you should check it out if you havnt already :D hakata is very similar to durarara!! --there is even a crossover manga between the two how cool is that :o

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- :ppp
- casiopea and masashiro takanaka is the two essential guys you should listen to >:0
- u should watch the show again!! it popped in my recommended on netflix and i just had to watch it ... hakata tonkotsu ramen looks interesting i'll def watch it! sm cool things in this world :0

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-i listened to mint jams by casiopea and i really enjoyed it --felt like i was transported to 40 years in the past! i can see this album being in my heavy rotation for music. i think my favorites were midnight rendezvous, asayake, and swear ღ >◡╹)ノ♡
-im now listening to masayoshi takanaka's album all of me and so far the opening song oh! tengo suerteis is so groovy i will be listening to this next time i go rollerskating :3
-ill add ikebukuro to my list then!! ill probably have to rewatch it from the start because i dont remember much from it aa
-i hopw you enjoy hakata tonkotsu ramen as much as i did :D

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ahhh! im glad you liked them!!!! :DD we should talk about this more often you can message me anytime :P
glad to have added new things to ur music tastes!! >:0

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OMG another xxxholic fan :000

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yeah !! i especially love Yūko's fashion sense,, CLAMP did such a good job :D
who is your favorite character?? i have a special place in my heart for the pipe fox.. Mugetsu is just too cute

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AWHH MUGETSU was so adorable, i loved him and modoki & mokona. while picking up the manga again a yr or two ago i also cane to like ame!

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oh i felt the same about ame warashi!! at first she came off as misunderstood and way too hostile for my taste but eventually i warmed up to her because i love my plants so i relate to her love of nature.. her drill hair was bonus points too -we love a gothic lolita icon !!

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🦖 <--- thoughts on this?

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he is THE GUY..am a fan of the T-Rex chrome dino game but i am a true geometry dasher at heart

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more of a temple run guy myself

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fair !! also i feel like subway surfers had more going for it compared to temple run,, temple run had better art for sure though

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