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digital art, singing, music, video games, dreams, typology, plants, etc.


glass beach, will wood/will wood and the tapeworms, slipknot, fleshwater, hey ily, toby fox, pinkshift, green day, weezer, tally hall, lemon demon, tv girl, mitski, laufey, etc.


all the spider-man movies, a silent voice, the steven universe movie, andddd probably some others i forgot, idk i don't watch movies much-


steven universe, adventure time (still watching), jujutsu kaisen, lego monkie kid, the owl house, mob psycho 100, toilet bound hanako-kun


THE PROMISED NEVERLAND MANGA i love the first two thirds or so of the manga, other than that uhhhh. fanfiction? comics/manga? homestuck??


(pretend this says games bc there's no section for that D:) oneshot, undertale, undertale yellow, deltarune, omori, witch's heart, pokemon, detroit: become human, cookie run kingdom, splatoon, celeste, spider-man (ps4/ps5), hollow knight, wandersong, lethal company, project sekai, doki doki literature club, sonic the hedgehog (franchise), a hat in time, stardew valley, heartbound, ultrakill, hades, miitopia, tomodachi life

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About me:

helloo!! i'm elliott/clover! feel free to message me anytime, i don't bite :D i like making art (mainly digital), stories and music!! i also really like playing video games, singing, listening to music and reading :3 also i try to check spacehey every once in a while but i'm not super active on here, feel free to ask for my other socials!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who shares the same interests as me :]

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ty for adding me!! u seem so cool and nice!

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sorry for the late reply but npp and thanks :] !!!

by elliott; ; Report

Val XP

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very very kind! checked up on me when no one else wuld :3 also very kool profile !!

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tysm :D!!!!

by elliott; ; Report

Rei ◌

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WAAH YOU LOOK VERY COOL I love your profile!! I hope we can be friends (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

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TYY YOU SEEM REALLY COOL TOO!! and yeah i'd love to be friends :D mind if i friend you on discord ?

by elliott; ; Report


by Rei ◌; ; Report


by elliott; ; Report


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AHHHH i love your profile!!! :3

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TYSM :]!!

by elliott; ; Report

NPP!!! X3

by Avvy; ; Report