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Alterhumanity and alterhuman history, ornithology, zookeeping, old web, internet history, dragons in media and mythology, vintage tech and media formats, HTML/CSS and web design, music genres


Depeche Mode, Coil, Katatonia, Opeth, Flesh Field, Paradise Lost, Candlemass, Anathema, Blue Stahli, KMFDM, Agalloch. I love doom metal, progressive rock/metal, trip-hop, industrial + its subgenres and fusions, basically anything loud and/or electronic. Always down to give or receive recs and playlists, music is my biggest interest and hobby. Check me out on Rate Your Music!


Pacific Rim, The Matrix, Electric Dreams, The Last Unicorn, the contents of effedupmovies dot com. My Letterboxd watchlist is like 20 thousand films long I will get there… someday.


I don’t really watch many shows but I do enjoy mockumentaries like Brass Eye and Cunk on Earth

Video Games

Metal Gear, Pokémon, Planet Zoo, Nier: Automata, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Guitar Hero, Beat Saber + rhythm games in general, anything for the PlayStation 2


Bird identification guides, natural history books, computing guides, non-fiction I find interesting, Guardians of Ga’hoole, Discworld, The Divine Comedy.


Balaeniceps rex

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About me:

Raikou, the Thunder Pokémon

"If you see a bolt of lightning flash across the ground instead of from the sky, you may have just caught a glimpse of Raikou. And if you hear a peal of thunder that lasts longer than it should, that may be Raikou's roar. It's said that this wild yet majestic Pokémon once perished in the Johto region, but Ho-Oh, filled with sorrow, resurrected it."

Internet beast, resident music guy.

You can call me Vergil or whatever name you want to assign me! I’m a therianthrope, fictionfolk, and otherhearted. You can find my specific identities on the pinned blog post :] The alterhuman community and its history means a lot to me and is one of my biggest interests. Other than that, I am a furry/scalie; digital artist; goth, industrial, and metal enthusiast; and hobbyist webmaster.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who shares interests with me and isn’t a mass follower or chronic discourser with other users.

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</SHALLOWBONES>'s profile picture

i love ur new layout, looks awesome dawg

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Thank you!

by Vergil; ; Report


hyeetles's profile picture

omg haiii i see u have taxonomy in ur interests i literally love systematics hello fellow biology enjoyer!!! (also i'm an irl friend of mike so small world!!!)

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Hii!! I love categorising the beasts and critters of the world 🤝

by Vergil; ; Report


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by Vergil; ; Report


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🐯 + 🐕= Tumblr and vent mutuals

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HI MICHAEL!! pawing at you through my enclosure

by Vergil; ; Report


anicca's profile picture

TYTY for the add back!!! i love your layout so much :)) and i am happy to see a therian on here!!!

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</SHALLOWBONES>'s profile picture

i love seeing skyrim fans in the wild, its a rare find

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Likewise! Skyrim’s been a staple of my game rotation for a long time now, I don’t know where I’d be without it

by Vergil; ; Report

oh my god yeah!! Ever since it released Skyrim has been a crucial part to my life Xaxa, that game really got me thru tuff times

by </SHALLOWBONES>; ; Report

Vensolin Aybi

Vensolin Aybi's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my add! Hmu if you wanna talk about music, games, or therian/otherkin stuff!

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Of course!!

by Vergil; ; Report