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"everybody medicates; siamo con clavi"

sort of gay - any pronouns

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Mood: Terraforming the Human Mind (Lunacy or Abstract Reasoning?)

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main fandom:
The Magicians (TV and Books).

current books:
The Magicians - Lev Grossman, Paradise Lost - John Milton, and a collection of Neil Gaiman stories.

other stuff:
the study of fine arts, the physics of planes/aircrafts, practical fantasy fashion, songwriting, and guitar.


music genres:
classic rock, melodeath, modern blues rock, country, roots stuff and some metal.

flavor of the week:
STING, SEAL, Hank Williams jr+sr, Shakey Graves, Placebo.

lifelong favorites:
Greta Van Fleet, Avenged Sevenfold, Children of Bodom, Ghost (b.c.), Iron Maiden.

here's my!!
and here's the playlist i've been running lately!


recent watches:
Those People (2015)

on my mind:
dazed and confused (1993), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004), grand budapest hotel (2014), julie & julia (2009), In the Mood for Love (2000), God's Own Country (2017)

here's my letterboxd !!


good ol' favorites:
community (holds a special place in my heart), clone high, the great, our flag means death, good omens, steven universe, arcane, ouran hshc.

current fav youtubers:
ANTI-CHEF, LGR, Tasting History with Max Miller.



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About me:

hey im CLYDE.
entp 7w6 | scorpio | 19

Here you will see philosophy, theory, mania, and literary/film analysis (maybe). I'm a reader, a pretentious asshole, a chronic commenter on blogs and bulletins, and I wear cowboy boots. I like to debate on philosophical topics.

I'm into workin out, guitar, black coffee, and digital penpalling. I do art + write music and like all forms of such. Went to art school for seven years, now I'm a nursing student. My liver works hard enough to overheat but my lungs get paid overtime. I put my most effort into bulletins. Nice to meet you.

more about me in this introductory blog.


art instagram: deathsbetwixt
neocities site Flaming Guitar Pick

Who I'd like to meet:

☆ anybody really! but, nobody under 18!
if your age isn’t on your profile, i’m sorry but i won’t accept!

warning: sometimes i delve into adult or dark topics!

☆ i switch between no-caps typing and grammatically focused typing. i don't know why. you probably understand.

☆ anyone can always tell me when i'm just being annoying or an asshole. that sort of thing never offends me. i'd like to know anyway.

☆ don't be afraid to add me as a friend or IM me!!!
i am JOBLESS at the moment, so i’ve got free time up tha wazoo.

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krystian's profile picture

i adore the profile :)

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✰honeytailbone✰'s profile picture

omg hi!!! (sorry for the delay in accepting your request & this comment; i am forgetful oops). i absolutely love your profile(s)!! and all the media you have embedded in here!! AND your art!! amazing stuff :) i just followed your insta and i cannot wait to see more ♡

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Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

Joyous Natal Anniversary tomorrow! :D
cool page btw :)

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Oh my gosh!!! Jon! Thank you!!! Even I forgot heheh. I love seeing you around, you seem to be everywhere and it’s always a treat!!!

by CLYDE; ; Report


Upsilon's profile picture

You're cool.

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You're cool too. Coincidentally, that Ramones song you're using as your mood has been stuck in my head for like 2 months. I also like your TV picks and overall profile theme. We both seem to like black, green, and red. Anyway, how come you think I'm cool anyway? Anything stand out in particular?

by CLYDE; ; Report

Thank you and that ramones song has been stuck in my head since last summer. Either way, your profile is way cooler, and you read cool books, you also got really cool movie picks. And wearing cowboy boots? Goddamn, that's cool. You seem really interesting and the way you write is also cool. Also I like the pixel art icon thingies. I literally spent minutes clicking on them for no reason.


by Upsilon; ; Report

Thank you! Makin' me blush here man. You've got an interesting scent about you. I feel like I wanna know how you think. I'll try to write more and maybe you'll like it haha!

by CLYDE; ; Report

Do it do it do it

by Upsilon; ; Report


murkrow's profile picture

hii i love ur profile . :] ur who am i is rlly well written i enjoyed reading thru it !!!!

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Aw, yo! Thank you, the Who I Am is sorta just how I talk haha! But your profile is beautiful! I like the books on your list and we have aligning general interests!! New friend! <3

by CLYDE; ; Report


𝕶𝖆𝖟𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖗's profile picture

ty for the add!! LOVE ur profile and big ups on the plastiboo avatar, ive loved their work for ages especially since they started making the dark medieval fantasy stuff. ill be checking your neocities later but i already saw ur art is also popping.. (⌒ー⌒)!

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YOU love MY profile?!?! Dude I love YOURS! It's like our themes are 10 years apart. Which is awesome. I hope to see you around a lot!!!

by CLYDE; ; Report

you're a coder extraordinaire by the way

by CLYDE; ; Report

well thank u! hope to see you around too i think we have lots we could be learning from each other

by 𝕶𝖆𝖟𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖗; ; Report


Shay's profile picture

HELLO!!! Ty for the add :D ur profile is so cool and ur interests are as well!!

(PS: may I ask what code u used to make ur blinkies zoom in when u hover the mouse over them?? it's very cool)

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DUDE! YOUR profile is hella rad and so are YOUR interests! I checked your instagram and your recent art deserves a chefs kiss. I'll make a bulletin right now to show you how I make my blinkies zoom in. Keep an eye peeled.

by CLYDE; ; Report

Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

hello, new chum! :)
nice place ya got here!

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Thank you! I certainly like decorating. <3 You've got some nice digs yourself!! Hope I see you around often!

by CLYDE; ; Report

that you will, I pretty much live here :)

by Jon 🐇; ; Report


MC's profile picture

You seem so the sickest page ever.

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aw! thank you i made it myself!!! heh! <3<3<3 i like yours too.

by CLYDE; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Sweet page!

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thanks! you seem like a cool person thanks for the add!

by CLYDE; ; Report


lem.iso's profile picture

ue ue ue

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GUH! phew you startled me. fweheheh...

by CLYDE; ; Report

AHH!! (pikmin sound)

by lem.iso; ; Report


el's profile picture

sick plastiboo pfp

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thnx i seriously luv plastiboo

by CLYDE; ; Report


lem.iso's profile picture

the gif of the brain in the tube on your profile reminds me so much of the scenery in the "i have no mouth and i must scream" game. banger

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holy crap, I've never heard of that game but I just searched it up and the graphics are absolutely insane!! What !!!! The screencaps are now the theme of the inside of my brain.

by CLYDE; ; Report

its based on a book of the same name! if you're into a prophetic dystopia about a crazy computer i highly recommend. the game leans more into freudian ideas with philosophical undertones, and is pretty banger too B)

by lem.iso; ; Report


CodeMonkey's profile picture

Blessed! Thank you for the add!

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yeah ofc dude! i also wanted to mention that, i dont know if you know but, hovering over the replies to your comments seems a little bugged but it may just be my user error. the text doesnt even show up!

by CLYDE; ; Report

Hi again!

Yeah, so basically you hover over the comment section to display all comments, then you hover over the individual comment left by someone, then a box should show up saying "There is/are N reply/replies! Hover over to see more!" then all the replies to the comment should appear.

Sorry, it is way over-engineered! XD

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

no yeah when i hover over at the "N Replies" part the text doesn't show up even though the box gets wider to accommodate for them! the space is there but it is empty!!

by CLYDE; ; Report

Can I know what browser you're using and if you're on PC or Mobile, please?

This is really weird and I'd like to reproduce the problem you're getting. :)

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

Also, what happens where you hover over the empty box? Does it do anything else?

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

it doesnt do anything else just says “reply number N!” and pc but chrome and not firefox! i hope im not the only one. perhaps you should ask some others, possibly with chrome, to try to see if they have the same problem!

by CLYDE; ; Report

Imma test it with Chrome now and get back to you. :)

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

Okay, I think this might work.

There's a chance that you may be using an older version of Chrome as this works with the latest version from my tests on bare metal and on my VMs.

However, to get around this, I have updated the display:block to display:grid - this should resolve your problem!

From what I can tell, Chrome Webkit overrides display:block to display:table-cell (ty Google), which would completely break the rendering. :)

Let me know if it works or not as I'd defo like this fixed! :D

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

oh im still not seeing the comments themselves but i can now see the breaks where one ends and another begins... haha

by CLYDE; ; Report

Bruh, I think I'm tweeking - I swear to God I'm going to fix this!

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

Now I feel bad for even mentioning it, but I suppose its good to have hard work every now and then!! I hope you find out what's up with it and I hope it isn't just me who has this error or I'd actually go insane. My chrome updates but, along with many people, prefer Windows 10 over Windows 11 and some people prefer even older versions. I'm wondering if that would contribute but I have no idea. I think it's very interesting to see how it all transfers!!! What a journey.

by CLYDE; ; Report

Naa, dw. This has been super enlightening - I usually work on back-end stuff and barely ever get to work on front-end and UX design, so it's good that I got a hard problem to work on.

That might be a shout to look into the diffs between how Chrome interacts with Win 10.
I'll spin up a VM and and test it out. :D

by CodeMonkey; ; Report

hell yeah! that sounds so great. good luck soldier! o7

by CLYDE; ; Report


☣Cupid☣'s profile picture

Ur profile is amazing!!! Ur personality is ALSO super sick B-)

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yo!! thank you, your profile is insane ! crowley.. <3 and my personality ??! how so?

by CLYDE; ; Report

Mostly bc I just love ur interests! Makes u automatically the coolest person ever on here <3!!

by ☣Cupid☣; ; Report

wuhhhh !!!!!! thank you man whaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

by CLYDE; ; Report


amuaaia's profile picture

omg thanks for the add!!! ur profile is so cool and LEAGUE N COMMUNITY?? so real so real

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oh my god i LOVE both!!!! you main swain? i used to! i love old man asshole !!!!!

by CLYDE; ; Report

luna! ☆

luna! ☆'s profile picture

heyy! thx for adding me! I like ur profile and I'm curious, who do you main in lol? :0

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omg !! i LOVE your profile layout. i main leona and senna right now! been having bad games lately though because ive been trying to play solo like an idiot. <3 do you play and, if so, who do you main?

by CLYDE; ; Report


lem.iso's profile picture

what melodeath artists would you recommend someone whose just starting to get into the genre? :)

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oh omg !! well the ones i personally listen to are...

Fleshgod Apocalypse (catchy and not too overwhelming, with motifs from popular classical music, and more palatable vocals),
Children of Bodom (a classic and got me into the genre, beautiful "cheesy" guitar work, very melodic, vocals not for everyone),
Mors Precipium Est,
and Stam1na (finnish metal, way different sound than the others, softer and slower and a bit more emotional, also palatable vocals, even if you don't speak finnish i'd definitely give it a chance)!

is there any electronica artists you'd suggest ? <3 <3 <3

by CLYDE; ; Report

ahh thank you,, i'll make a playlist and check them all out. i really appreciate it! :0

whipped up a quick rentry for you to have a peek at. the fast paced stuff is mostly jungle/breakcore, with the "chill" section mainly being your typical electronica. if these kind of tunes interest you im always adding to my silly spotify playlists :^)

by lem.iso; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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ofc wacky alex. at first i had avoided the friend request, but then i realized that the savior and lions call of this entire site is you sir. you bring us all together from near and far, gathered to listen to your tunes. <3 <3 <3

by CLYDE; ; Report

aww that so sweet! I'm touched that people on this site are into what I'm doing. It's a great place to be.

by Wacky Alex; ; Report


bigbabysweets's profile picture

THX 4 the add your page is so fucking cool

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so is yours dude !!!!! the imagery is insane its totally a mood. <3 <3

by CLYDE; ; Report