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v. games ♀ anime ♀ manga ♀ drawing ♀ painting


vη³» bands such as β™’ razor β™’ kizu β™’ the gazette β™’ dir en grey β™’ kiryu β™’ sukekiyo β™’ arlequin β™’ mejibray β™’ kamijo β™’ diaura β™’ screw β™’ deviloof β™’ nazare β™’ sadie β™’ ashmaze. β™’ d'espairay β™’ caliβ‰ gari β™’ the thirteen β™’ darrell β™’ liplich β™’ dimlim β™’ dexcore β™’ matenrou opera β™’ nogod β™’ sick2 β™’ d β™’ a9 β™’ 12012 β™’ d=out β™’ royz β™’ codomodragon β™’ calmando qual β™’ suicide ali β™’ nkbr β™’ leetspeak mnstrs β™’ xaaxaa β™’ gallo β™’ sugizo β™’ luzmelt β™’ fixer β™’ tokami β™’ acid black cherry β™’ avanchick β™’ megamasso β™’ defspiral β™’ heidi. β™’ dualjewel β™’ scapegoat β™’ 01g no gosan β™’ xanvala β™’ (+ more.) older k-pop (gen 2/3) such as ♧ exo ♧ bigbang ♧ shinee ♧ suju ♧ vixx ♧ infinite ♧ β‹ŸοΉβ‹ž currently 5th gen (?)


hmmm, where do i put the video game section


i hope you know your anime abbreviations. β™‘ bleach β™‘ β™‘ ror β™‘ kny β™‘ hxh β™‘ jjba β™‘ khr! β™‘ dbz/s β™‘ snk β™‘ jjk β™‘ ygo β™‘ tkyorvngrs β™‘ bsd β™‘ opm β™‘ hq!! β™‘ akayona β™‘ soul eater β™‘ furuba β™‘ ons β™‘ code geass β™‘ jshk β™‘ ao no exorcist β™‘ death note β™‘ naruto β™‘ bnha β™‘ drrr!! β™‘ nana β™‘ tkyoghl β™‘ oofuri β™‘ β™‘ ohshc β™‘ fate β™‘ klk β™‘ ajin β™‘ assclass β™‘ gurren lagann β™‘ agk β™‘ pandora hearts β™‘ blood+ β™‘ xxxholic β™‘ gbln slyr β™‘ steinsgate β™‘ kamisama-kiss β™‘ overlord β™‘ school rumble β™‘ parasyte β™‘ shiki β™‘ kurshitsuji β™‘ 7ds β™‘ digimon β™‘(+ more.)


lotr ♧ th Β°κ’³Β°


(no specific order) β˜† douma (kny) β˜† shaiapouf (hxh) β˜† byakuran (khr) β˜† risotto nero (jojo) β˜† hyouga ( β˜† ◠﹏◠ lol, these are all villains (not to be confused with top shows)

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