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"wish i didn't fall so hard 4 u..."

ravioli from utah, he/him, pfp is me

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music/art of any kind, crystals, playing guitar, skating, heightened awareness…

dm me i usually don’t bite X_X


ok so it’s a lot and i’m gonna kinda try to categorize it o_0
2000s emo ish/ surface level rock: dance gavin dance, hail the sun, secret band, chiodos, hawthorne heights, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance
scramz/ real screamo: orchid, moss icon, pageninetynine, saetia, william bonney
midwest emo/ math rock: girlfriends, tricot, toe, mom jeans, panchiko, american football, lou diamond, flight patterns, old gray, see through person
mixed metal genres: deftones, korn, slipknot, system of a down, type o negative, acid bath, dystopia, tool
surf rock/ garage rock: wavves, FIDLAR, goth babe, the growlers, WOLVVES, beach goons, meth wax
60’s psychedelic rock: the doors, jimi hendrix, jefferson airplane, cream, the mamas & the papas
shoegaze/ dreampop: my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, slowdive, drop nineteens, lsd and the search for god, glare, have a nice life, loveliescrushing
hyperpop/ breakcore/ drain: NOVAGANG, saturn, luci4, h3artcrush, sewerslvt, machine girl, lungskull, bladee, d0llywood1, blackwinterwells, ecco2k, cartier god, osquinn, lieu, aldn
new wave/ dark wave: joy division, new order, the cure, the police, talking heads, duran duran, siouxsie and the banshees, the smiths, molchat doma, mareux, memo boy, bauhaus, christian death


tim burton movies can actually hold my attention, i like movies that make me slightly uncomfortable or make me question the ground below me


i used to watch a lot of tv but i really haven’t lately…


perks of being a wallflower has my whole heart


osquinn and my boyfriend, mo !!!

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About me:

my name is quinn, music is my life, and i heart scenemo people !!! i don’t see the point of having a DNI, but heads up i won’t accept your add if: 1. you have been known to start drama. 2. you post frequent nsfw, especially in a sexual context. 3. if you’re generally immature. i’m here to make friends, not start fights :)

currents pics of me:

old pics of me:

Who I'd like to meet:

someone who wont spontaneously set my life on fire, friends, idk cool people…i am more likely to accept your add if you’re scene/emo, i adore those subcultures and i’m hoping to get more into them! :3

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luna >_<

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thx for the add back!! ur music taste is v kool :33

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ty! =)

by quinninhell; ; Report

Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)

Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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ur welcome! :D

by quinninhell; ; Report


XD_M1k3y_Br1x3y_XD's profile picture

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime, I love making new friends!!!! (:

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xX_ch3rr1$ku11z_Xx's profile picture

Thx 4 the add :]] Luv ur pfp o(≧▽≦)

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thank uuu! it’s a picture of me :D

by quinninhell; ; Report


Sweets's profile picture

:donut: i. can't put. into words. how much i love your pf

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:donut: i really like the skulls, the color is also cool!

by Sweets; ; Report

thank you so much eee it took me forever to find a unique layout that wasn’t super tacky looking ^_^

by quinninhell; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky spooky music, give our channel a try.

=> FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing Halloween tunes nonstop through Oct 31

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YouVVitch's profile picture

Wicked profile, love it

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by quinninhell; ; Report


DAVEY DAMAGE ⦻'s profile picture

dope ass profile (*^_^*)

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thank youuu ^_^

by quinninhell; ; Report

Ronnie. . ♡

Ronnie. . ♡'s profile picture

Thanks 4 the add!! I love your profile ♡

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you’re welcome ^_^

by quinninhell; ; Report

ꜰᴏxʟᴏʀᴇ 🎉🍻

ꜰᴏxʟᴏʀᴇ 🎉🍻's profile picture

You look like a homestuck cosplayer I met yesterday

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Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a̵l̶ ̷S̷i̶n̶g̷e̵r̴

Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a...'s profile picture

💕 💞

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🆈🅰🆁🅰's profile picture

Tysm for the add! Haiii 💜

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heyyy you’re welcome!

by quinninhell; ; Report


MoLlY's profile picture

luv ur profile o.o

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thank u!

by quinninhell; ; Report

Ras Bolding

Ras Bolding's profile picture

Hi in here. ;)

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♥ sugar acid ♥

♥ sugar acid ♥'s profile picture

i need this kinda swag istg

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it comes with practice 👍

by quinninhell; ; Report

ellie-kins!! <33

ellie-kins!! <33's profile picture

ty for the add!! much love xoxo :))

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elijah's profile picture

love your layout:))

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thank you :)

by quinninhell; ; Report


by elijah; ; Report


roman's profile picture

ty for the add! ur music taste is top tier

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mariana ✰

mariana ✰'s profile picture

tysm for the addd

you seem v cool :pp

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you seem cool too :)

by quinninhell; ; Report


exstasus's profile picture

Thanx 4 the add :0)

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you’re welcome :)

by quinninhell; ; Report