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"Frolicking in the fields! when I should be doing homework! "

I'm just a guy who feels like a llama sometimes

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I'm starting to teach myself Adobe Audition, so I can create sound effects and remix music for my own projects. I'm also slowly learning the science behind learning. I'm fascinated by not only how people learn, but how others teach effectively. I probably won't do anything with that interest, but we'll all see, won't we?


I'm willing to listen to anything. One of my favorite artists right now is Pigeon John. Most of my musical taste came from video game soundtracks or television themes. I love classic rock, anything on an old jukebox machine, '90s grunge. It's probably a smaller list to say what I don't like.


Top Gun will always be a favorite, but that has much more to do with nostalgia than anything. Hackers will always be my even more favorite film. I like time travel movies. I thought Palm Springs was a good take on it. I favor comedies heavily usually though I never turn down a good drama. Ford vs Ferrari was great. Sully was enjoyable.


Queen's Gambit is a great show. I really enjoy Korean dramas on Netflix right now, with the occasional Japanese show (shout-out to Midnight Diner, great show there!). I will watch almost anything if I can convince myself there's a deeper reason behind it. Usually there isn't.


I prefer audiobooks because I remember spoken things better than written, apparently. Lately I've been listening to The Learning Brain from The Great Courses series as well as a couple books based in part on similar research. For Non-Fiction I've picked up the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. That audiobook is great, shout-out to James Langton for a fantastic narration.


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About me:

No victory I accomplish is sustainable long-term. It's my most endearing trait.

pyrrhic llama!!

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I'll meet anyone who wants to talk. Seriously, add me as a friend. I will be most interested to speak with you.

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(◠‿◠)Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (◠‿◠)

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hey! I just checked out the first couple previews of your music on your page. I'm gonna have to check out the rest later, but I really liked the preview of The Flow of the Pharaoh I heard on your page! And welcome to the site!

by The Pyrrhic Llama; ; Report

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate (◠‿◠)

by ISOA GAMBEL; ; Report


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I'm happy to have helped with your cursor catastrophe

the llama and your profile are styled very masterfully.

if you'd like to make the white on the cursor transparently

you can use this site to remove the all background opacity

Make sure to adjust "match similar color tones"

Else your results might be something to bemoan

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Greg "X" Willis

Greg "X" Willis's profile picture

Yessss... come to the Foley side! Seriously hope you enjoy and love the cursor!

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~Yaya Cat~

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Thanks! Had to Christmas it up to get into the spirit!

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Greg "X" Willis

Greg "X" Willis's profile picture

Foley is probably the most fun I ever had with sound. If you get into Foley you will love it.

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L1N05HK4's profile picture

Thank you for the add! c: hope you're having a great day.

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Brandon G

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lol thank you, I'm glad you like my page and the picture, it's one of my favorites, too :) and thank you for the add!

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Hello there fellow llama! You like Time travel movies? What are your thoughts on Project Almanac?

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~Yaya Cat~

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Yay! What part of Michigan you from? And Yess Queens Gambit was great. Made me wish I wasn't crap at chess. Also love watching k dramas on netflix.

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~Yaya Cat~

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Hello new friend!

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Oh wow and you like hackers! :D:D:D

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alex's profile picture

Hey! I added you because of your "No victory I accomplish is sustainable long-term. It's my most endearing trait." gem. Unknowingly until I read it I too share this trait, huzzah!

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