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"I'll survive. Somehow I always do."

dumb adult trying to gain autonomy ♥

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cooking, baking, traveling, camping, gaming, game dev, writing, reading, fanfics, creepypasta, slenderverse (esp Marble Hornets & EverymanHYBRID), romanticism, dark romance


rebzyxx, ppcocaine, king kitty, blackbear, melanie martinez, set it off, scene queen, jxdn, tokyo's revenge


lion king 2, ponyo, steven universe the movie, mugen train, jurassic world: fallen kingdom, legend of the guardians


90 day fiance, pokemon, mha, spy x family, link click


heavenly official's blessing


bastard (hate it ♥)

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About me:

A 21-year-old catbxy who likes writing and reading (mostly) dark fanfics! Tired little game dev, writer, programmer... Learning how to cook and bake and whatnot ♥ I even know how to make soap! Getting better with that. All for fighting against mental health stigma, so very upfront about my disorders. With that said: please forgive me for any issues I may have socializing and processing things due to psychosis, bipolar, NPD, and DID. xwx

I am an intense creepypasta/slenderverse fan!! Talk to me about that and you will have my heart. ♥ Feel free to give us and call us by any names if we don't provide you with one! A lot of the time we don't even know who we are, so that might be easier, lol.

Prefer to talk to and befriend other adults.

  • Soap Making -- Beginner
  • Cooking -- Beginner
  • Baking -- Haven't Started
  • Cleaning -- Intermediate
  • Parenting -- Researching xwx
  • Breadmaking -- Haven't Started
  • Self-Care -- Beginner
  • Gardening -- Haven't Started
  • Hunting -- Haven't Started
  • Foraging -- Haven't Started
  • Preserving -- Haven't Started




Who I'd like to meet:

anyone; though i'd prefer only for adults to IM me ♥ and with THAT said... please IM me, i am more than accepting of convo

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Princess Paris ♡

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I'm totally obsessed with your page!! It's so pretty and I love your blinkies. Love the profile pic too <3

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DigitalDampir's profile picture

thx 4 the add!! u seem like a cool person and i like finding other ppl in their early 20s on here !! :3

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aaa, ofc, and thank u!!! if you ever want to IM, i'm always down love talking 2 other ppl in my general age range!!

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report


Slurpwis's profile picture

i grew up with the slenderverse!! slendyman wuz my teenage crush. . . i have rly good taste rite???

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monsters r based, so slenderman is a good choice. i'm personally an, uh... HABIT & Masky simp. men who will kill me have my heart yk

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

0MG that’z completely understandable xD!! all of my crushes are men who could kill me with a single finger… 💖

by Slurpwis; ; Report

SO TRUE BESTIE. i like women too, but... men have my heart

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞

❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞'s profile picture

omg tyty for accepting the add!! u seem like a very cool person!!! ^^

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ty!! if you'd like to talk, in general, i'm always down!!

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

np!! also whats ur most wanted pokemon!! :DD

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

ooh, deffo like... maybe an alolan vulpix, in general qwq -- what's urs?? and!! have u played arceus yet?

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

def cosmog!! and no I haven't yet!! I haven't had the time TwT

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

wanting to play and never having the time to is always so sad 3 COSMOG GOES SO HARD THO FR

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

it's such a bother >:(
also agreeable statement, cosmog is such a great psychic!!! (in my opinion .w.)

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report

you know one question i've never been able to answer? favorite TYPING; that's so hard to think abt fr

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

you know one question i've never been able to answer? favorite TYPING; that's so hard to think abt fr

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

honestly agreeable cuz when it comes down to it; i'm dumbfounded ^^

by ❝ 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚗 ❞; ; Report


bugworld's profile picture

your account is so lovely! what's your favorite pokemon? :]

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aaa, stuck between bulbasaur, eevee, and alolan vulpix xwx you??

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

omg Bulbasaur is my favorite starter!! I think my most favorite pokemon would have to be Burmy though!! ^^

by bugworld; ; Report

burmy is so tiny and cute omg. i need like, a lil stuffie of him one day!!

by ♥ meow ♥; ; Report

✦ 413 DEMONS ✦

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