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League of Legends, Overwatch, Naraka!

Recently Finished: Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Nino Kuni II

To play next: Night in the woods (pending forever cant find the timeee)


Tyler, The Creator ► Bring Me the Horizon ► Rage Against The Machine ► New Jeans ► Year OF The Ox ► Dumbfoundead ► Rekstizzy ► Planet Giza ► The Internet ► Anderson Paak ► Amine ► A$AP Rocky ► Dance Gavin Dance ► Maximum The Hormone ► Cuco ► Crumb ► Incubus ► Spill Tab ► BiBi ► Bambu ► Korn ► Bay Faction ► Balming Tiger ► Blessthefall ► Daoko ► Doja Cat ► Deftones ► Denzel Curry ► Mac Miller ► Epik High ► Eyedress ► G Yamazawa ► Freddie Dredd ► Inkay2x ► JID ► Kartell'em ► Keith Ape ► Rjay Ty ► Mac DeMarco ► Masego ► MF DOOM ► moonchild ► P-Lo ► Peach Pit ► Pantera ► Pink Panthress ► Phum Viphurit ► Punchnello ► Radio Active Sago Project ► Remi Wolf ► Rich Brian ► Rosemary Fairweather ► Saba ► School Boy Q ► Kendrick Lamar ► Slipknot ► Sheena Ringo ► Sewerslvt ► Slowthai ► Steve Lacy ► Still Woozy ► The Alchemist ► The Smashing Pumpkins ► Thundercat ► Tricot ► Watsky ► Vacations ► Yaeji ► Men I Trust ► Lesley Gore ► Kali Uchis ► Don Malik ► Nafla ► Action Bronson ► The Smiths ► Dj Premiere ► A$AP Mob ► Little Simz ► Toro Y moi ► Nas ► Danny Brown ► Bawal Clan ► Urbandub ► Greyhoundz ► Quezo ► Sandwich ► Utada Hikaru ► Yakushimaru Etsuko ► Okasian ► Tofubeats ► G Dragon ► Zion T ► lil boi ► Wonstein ► Nucksal ► Typecast ► The Gazette ► 2ne1 ► Eminem ► Gorillaz ► Jaden Smith ► Kaytranada ► m-flo ► Paramore ► Pierce The Veil ► Sim ► Snoop Dogg ► duckwrth ► JPEGMAFIA ► BABY V.O.X. ► Cherry Glazerr ► Buddy ► Dr. Lonnie Smith ► DPR Live ► The Wombats ► Wax ► Wu-Tang ► Хаски ► Pharrell Williams ► Kanye West ► Earl Sweathshirt ► Kota The Friend ► Black Star ► Radiohead ► Red Hot Chili Peppers ► The Clash ► Sex Pistols ► Audrey Nuna ► Kam Robinson ► Mariya Takeuchi ► Anri ► Miki Matsubara ► Masayoshi Takanaka ► Mondo Grosso ► Ryo Fukui ► Dynamic Duo ► A Tribe Called Quest ► Tom Misch ► Kid Milli ► Bewhy ► Dok2 ► Hash Swan ► Beabadoobee ► Caroline Rose ► Cambio ► Up Dharma Down ► JUMADIBA ► Portishead


Watch Pastoral: To Die in the Country ► Snatch ► RocknRolla ► Kill Bill ► Pulp Fiction ► City of God ► Perfect Blue ► All About Lily Chou-Chou ► This is the end ► Léon the Professional ► Trainspotting ► The Irishman ► Hanabi ► Outrage ► Sonatine ► A Scene at the Sea ► Kids Return ► Dolls ► Oldboy ► Vive LAmour ► Rebels of the Neon God ► What Time is it There? ► Chungking Express ► Fallen Angels ► 2046 ► In the Mood for love ► Made in Hong Kong ► The Gentlemen ► The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ► Dreams ► HAYAO MIYAZAKI ► A Clock Work Orange ► Booksmart ► Climax ► Dinner in America ► Everything Everywhere All At Once ► Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ► FightClub ► Lady Snowblood ► Mid90s ► Pineapple Express ► The Interview ► The lighthouse ► Under the Silver Lake ► American Ultra ► Tomorrowland ► Superbad ► TED ► Love and Other Drugs ► The Ugly Truth ► Along Came Polly ► Knocked UP ► Donnie Darko ► Anchorman ► Amélie ► 50st dates ► Notting Hill ► Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ► Silver Linings Playbook ► Forgetting Sarah Marshall ► A Knights Tale ► Pulse ► Talk To Me ► Leonor will never die ► Bullet Ballet ► A Snake of June ► hellbender ► The Lobster ► Dont Look up ► Enter The Void ► Harold and Kumar ► Cheech & Chong ► Goodfellas ► Full Metal Jacket ► Election ► Kung Fu Panda ► 500 days of summer ► Inception ► The Beach ► Natural Born Killers ► Reservoir Dogs ► Inglourious Basterds ► Parasite ► The Witch ► Hereditary ► Midsommar ► Uncut Gems ► Shutter ► Ju-On ► Intersterllar ► Blade Runner ► Platoon ► Dude Wheres My Car ► The Silence of the Lambs ► Hellraiser ► Elemental ► Tim Burton ► Paprika ► What we do in the shadows ► Sin City ► The Grand Budapest Hotel ► Burn After Reading ► Saltburn ► The Doom Generation


The End of the World ► IWGP (2002) ► BoJack Horseman ► Gravity Falls ► Downtown (1999 MTV's) ► Brooklyn Nine-Nine ► Fresh off the boat ► No Reservations ► The Mind of a Chef ► avatar ► The Umbrella Academy ► Stranger Things ► Dark ► Gokusen ► My Boss, My Hero ► BEEF


Kafka on the shore, The Catcher in the Rye, Snakes and Earrings|
Pending forever: Wind/Pinball, Brave New World, The Ethics


I <3 innovative stuff and ideas, all while keeping it real with logic, ethics, and a big dose of love and passion.

► the arts
► the devil's lettuce. zazaaaa
► fashun , sneakers , accessories , drip
► food! cooking!
► gunplas
► ur mom 🥵
► and ur dad 🥵

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About me:


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    a profound social consciousness, embodying a commitment to awareness, inclusivity, and a keen understanding of current issues. It celebrates an open-minded and culturally aware individual with a deep appreciation for diverse artistic expressions, spanning various multimedia mediums. Navigating this profile offers insight into a mindset actively seeking enlightenment and promoting a heightened sense of social responsibility through rich and varied forms of artistic expression.
    ᶜˡᶦᶜᵏ ᵇᵉˡᵒʷ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵐʸ ᵖʳᵒᶠᶦˡᵉ


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Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud's Buster Sword

Who I'd like to meet:

I wanna meet:

sweet baby jesus
and raise him up like the lion king


☼ sun: Taurus
⇡ rising and ☽ moon: Scorpio
Year of the Doggo
Enneagram no. : 5w6

art dabblin peep the blog :D

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hey, thanks for the add! your profile is awesome :D

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thank u! love ur profile back!

by psychedenicc; ; Report

sarah ♡

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happy pi day!

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by psychedenicc; ; Report


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i got rickrolld. Nice LOL

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i got rickrolld. Nice LOL

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lmao my bad goteemm

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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ayyy! fav profile so far! Love it. 10/10. Thanks for the add too.

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thank uuu and thanks for acceptin love ur profile back! and ur arts hella dope

by psychedenicc; ; Report

⛧ phinus ⛧

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sick ass profile n we share so much interests. you cool asf

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🙏 thank u!!! ur hella dope tooo! love the profile

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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Sick profile!!!

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thanks! love ur profile back! 10/10

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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Cool as fuck profile!!! :D

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thank uuu love ur profile back!

by psychedenicc; ; Report

Tyyyyy!!!! ^v^ you got a wicked taste in music too!!!

by psychospookee; ; Report

🙏🙏🙏 appreciate uuu we both got wicked taste! xD love ur interest section back its badassss

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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we share so many interests its insane are you me or something lmao

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lesgooo twinning u got peak taste lol

by psychedenicc; ; Report

Real shit bro , rad layout btw

by Jo; ; Report

thank uuu i love ur background lol 10/10

by psychedenicc; ; Report

LMAO thanks :] it's one of my favorite pictures i think

by Jo; ; Report


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What the fuck I can't believe I got rickrolled in 2024...

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lmfao goteeemmm! love the song playing on ur profile :O

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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Dawg you smell <3

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dawg stop rubbin off meeee

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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i loveeeeee your profile sm<3

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thank uuuu! love ur profile back!

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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Thanks for the add :)

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thanks for acceptin! elder emo gang lesgo

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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Just got Rickrolled
Ps. Appreciating the Pilgrimness besides.

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lmao goteeemm thank u 🙏 bruuhhh im listenin to ur music rn straight fireeee holy shit 💯

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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holy fuck ur profile is cool :O

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lol thank u!🙏 we scott pilgrim twinnin! looove ur profile back 10/10

by psychedenicc; ; Report

nawwww thank uu

by SHEEPSTER; ; Report

jade :p

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insanely good taste

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thank uuu right back atchu!

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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nice profile!! thx 4 the add!!

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thank u! love ur profile too! zaza 4lyf

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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bomb ass profile bro I fw it

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thank u 🙏 love urs back its clean af. cant go wrong with rei

by psychedenicc; ; Report


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coolest profile on this website

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lol nuh uh! thank u!!! 🙏

by psychedenicc; ; Report

!ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie}

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UR PAGE IS SO COOL DAMNNNN... i love it<33

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thank uuu!!!! ur jake intros hella

by psychedenicc; ; Report